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Okay, i've been wondering for a day or so if this would be appropriate...


I'm a writer & published author. Mostly non-fiction (don't ask me about my fiction, it's published under a pseudonym & I won't crack).


Anyway, a great new anthology came out YESTERDAY - and it's got me in it. It's a collection of (sometimes academic/ sometimes activist/ sometimes artistic) social justice writing. It's non-fiction, but that doesn't mean it's not both fun and beautiful at times - and even when it's neither, it's powerful and provocative.


So, if you're interested in a fabulous social-justice collection - or just curious as to what a fellow reaper-listee would write - you can now pick up the new and fabulous collection:


This Bridge We Call Home


Editors are: Gloria Anzaldua & AnaLouise Keating.



FYI in my previous post i recommended Red Branch but couldn't remember the author. So, now i remember that the author is Morgan Llewelyn.

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Sharyn McCrumb is the author of BIMBOS OF THE DEATH SUN and there was a sequel ZOMBIES OF THE GENE POOL. †Both of these mysteries are bittersweet for the gamer. †Ms. McCrumb has moved on to another noteworthy series of mysteries centered in the mountains of the Southern United States. †Good reads I have been told but I have only read the two listed above. †Liked them too.


While the Halloween Season is looming I thought I would mention Dracula by Bram Stoker. †This wonderful book is going to be everywhere for the next month and is a fine read!

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I've read LOTR, the Dragonlance Chronicles, and Rhapsody. Was wondering if anyone might recommend some good epic fantasy reads. The kind that make you feel like you've been on a journey and are leaving old friends when your done.

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Any of RA Salvatore's books. Especially his Drizzt Do'Urden and Demonwar series.

The new Eragon hardback was a pretty good read as well.

I actually read way to much to single out any one book as my favorite though. My favorite series is the Forgotten Realms books, especially Elain Cunningham and RA Salvatore. The War of the Spider Queen series is very interesting, and I think is worth a try. Especially if you like Dark Elves.

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Terry Brooks. The Shannara series is a GREAT epic fantasy. The Landover series is good fantasy mixed with humor.


For a more comedic series I enjoyed the Myth Adventures series by Robert Asprin.


Oh and if you've only read Dragonlance Chronicles, you need to move on to Legends.

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The series by George R. R. Martin is a very good read. Book four should be out very soon. Here they are on Amazon.com.


Stay away from the Wheel of Time books (Robert Jordan) until he gets his act together and finally finishes the thing. Which will probably be around book 75, after 20 prequels. :wacko:


I also loved Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy.


Robin Hobb's books are pretty good as well.

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Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar saga is a must read.


Robert E. Howard is good *old* fantasy.


David Gemmels: All his various books are pretty dang good. Bit of a formula writer but still a good read.


David Eddings: The Belgariad is one of the best series ever, and available cheaply in used book stores :)


In the TSR/D&D series...


Anything by Richard A. Knaack: The Legend of Huma, The Doom Brigade, Kaz the Minotaur (all dragonlance).


As mentioned, the early Salvatore is pretty good, but you can get sick of that whingey elf Drizzt in a real hurry. :)

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I know it's not epic fantasy....

But have you taken the time to grok Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land"?

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it....

Also, for sci-fi---I like some of Ben Bova's stuff.

As far as fantasy---the big list has already been given.

Other good reads I've read recently (and take it with a grain of salt, because I enjoy *something* in almost every book I read.




Andromeda Strain---Chrighton

I can only take so much Chrighton....he's not what I would call a "good writer", but he is thorough in his writing. Just a unique read.


Rainmaker---John Grisham (I like about any of his books)

I went through about 4 Koontz novels last month----all of 'em good, but he's kind of "boilerplate" after the first few. However, "One Door Away from Heaven" I really enjoyed.


I read about 5 of Mary Higgins Clark's novels the month or so before that. I picked the

first one up not expecting much....remarkably good writer IMHO. Not a genre for everyone----books really focus on a female audience----but as I said, she's a remarkably good writer.


Another sci-fi...."Chimera"----Asimov. A robot mystery.


Which leads me to the next one---since I've seen the previews. I'm gonna read "I, Robot" again...


Anyway, I read about 80 titles last year, and can't remember most of 'em....I may look tonight and see what I have in the library.

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Homebody was pretty good, too, and the Ender's game stuff stareted out Great, but he lost me at Children of the Mind. Picked me up again for the "Shadow's" (Ender's and Hegemon)that he did recently.


The homecoming Saga was difficult to get through, and I didn't find it all that rewarding. Some of his early works were like that, too, like Wyrms.

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