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02643: Dierdra Dark Willow: Xiwo Xerase paints a rogue

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This was originally not one a mini I planned to paint.  However, I got two in an auction lot and the base fits well with one of my few base stamps (in this case, the Happy Seppuku Stone Shore stamp) so... why not?



(click for larger versions)


This is the state she is in now.  She's been primed and a thin coat of Brown Liner (1 part Wash Medium, 1 part Brown Liner, 1 part water) has been painted on top to bring out details.  (I found a mold line I missed on the side of her knee and relined her legs with a thicker coat of Brown Liner, because I forgot the original mix.  The thicker mix is not likely to obscure detail when painting but it does make it harder to see in these pictures.  Oops.)


(Note to self: Get a non-grey background for these pictures in the future.)


I've decided her doublet, pants, boots, and gloves are leather.  Her doublet and pants are stitched in the front and are worn over more normal clothes.  (Both her doublet and pants have obvious stitching in the front and the alternative is undesirable in a family friendly environment.)  Her shirt includes her loose poofy sleeves.  (Which are probably good for a rogue since they mask the shape of her arms.)  I believe the most interesting detail missing from her store page is her knife holster on her left leg.


I wasn't entirely sure what to use for colors so I did a mockup using my paint program.  The knife in her holster will not be visible from this side but I included them to get an idea for how they would look.


(click for a larger version)


The current colors are: (all paints are Reaper MSP or Bones)

  • Skin: Youthful Flesh
  • Hair: Blond Hair
  • Doublet, boots, and knife handles: Ruddy Leather
  • Pants and gloves: Nut Brown
  • Belt, stitches, and other leather accents: Leather Brown
  • Shirt and sleeves: Dark Elf Skin
  • Blades: This is one of the colors from the Blade Steel swatch
  • Floor: Dungeon Grey


The focuses for this mini are her face, her hair, textures (leather and wood), and NMM for the metal bits.  Let's see how this goes.

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I tried painting her eyes last night and... it didn't go so well.  In fact, it ended with me stripping all of the paint and primer on her face.  (And then I tried to do eyes on a Bones mini I had ready and that also ended in stripping paint!)  I should be able to prime her face again tonight.


I think I have two problems:

  • I couldn't make out the detail with her left eye.  After stripping the primer and looking, I think that eye is partially blocked by her hair.  When I reapply the Brown Liner wash to her face, I'll try to make sure it settles in that area more.
  • I'm starting with using Brown Liner to paint her eyes and this is making it hard for me to see detail.  And since her eyes are the first thing I'm trying to paint, I have no good frame of reference.

I'll try painting the Bones mini tonight after I've reapplied Liner and see how it goes.

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This weekend, I finally worked more on Dierdra:


(Click on the pictures for larger versions.  My apologies for one of the images being smaller than the others.  I couldn't upload the larger version for some reason.)


Her eyes and hair need a little adjusting.  I spend a lot of time trying to give her an iris color but I wasn't able to do so satisfactorily.  I found my new Rosemary & Co size 0 brush to be very helpful for working on her eyes.  My Raphael 8404 size 1 brush was better for sidebrushing her hair though.


I've only basecoated her shirt.  It's the next bit to work on once I fix that which needs fixing.

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I painted her more over the week.  I was going to post pictures Friday night, but then I got stuck staying up until oh-dawn-thirty again (properly, 6:45 am) to watch something for work, so I painted more instead.  Here's where we are now:



(click on the pictures for larger versions)


I'm still too tired to properly see flaws.  The NMM on her sword isn't sitting well with me and I'm not completely sure why.  My best guess is the highlight gradient needs to be redone.  The sword also looks weird in the rear view but I think that's because the shadow of the adjacent faces has crept into the highlight of that edge.  (The sword is kind of odd.  The blade is more like a squashed hexagon, where the "edges" are just thin faces.)


Her base still needs some work.  I want to put some moss or lichen on it to make it seem more interesting.  Any ideas?  (I think, for lichen, I could just strategically apply thinned Pale Lichen or similar light gray-green paint.)


Does anyone see anything else to address?

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