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Black Hallows Townsfolk II


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Welcome to our second Black Hallows Kickstarter campaign. With the lead up to the main game later this year, we are now expanding the range and have the following on offer.

28mm, 32mm and 75mm character miniatures

Horses & carts

The first two buildings for the world of Black Hallows (the first of many)

The Black Hallows: Cradle of Darkness novel

RPG content

...and of course, there are many stretch goals to unlock during the campaign.


Early Backers Special FREE Model - The iron cage - Limited to the first 300 main pledges only

i.e. The Townsfolk II pledge or the Tavern Pledge or above.

(£45 or more)


Welcome to the world of Black Hallows on this bitterly cold night, the wind is howling outside "The Boar's Head" tavern, the horses are restless in the stables, and a figure moves in the shadows...is it friend or foe? The Townsfolk are sleeping soundly in their beds, unaware of the danger that may be creeping towards them. The clouds race across the sky, and the wind continues to howl.

The Townsfolk II is the second set in a range of non-player character miniatures, crafted from the highest grade, lead free Pewter (This quality of metal is normally only used for masters). They are available in either 28mm or 32mm and will come with their own base toppers and plastic bases. They are ideal for use in role playing games like D&D, Pathfinder, etc. Use them in your war games or collect and paint them for display.

28mm miniatures have 25mm plastic bases and 32mm miniatures have 32mm plastic bases.

We are also offering any of the characters in a 75mm resin version (see below). 75mm resin versions have a cast resin plinth.

We will be using Backerkit as our pledge manager after the campaign ends. If you wish to pledge for add-ons, add the funds to your main pledge on Kickstarter and then inform us of your choice using the pledge manager. 


Let us introduce you to the characters in the Townsfolk II.


Gazamunder is the town's resident rat catcher; with him the only thing you can ever be sure of is that you can never be sure of him. Need information? It's yours at a price. Need information that's actually true? It'll cost you twice as much. Plookes, his faithful ratter, is the only living soul that he cares about.


Yarog's life has been an interesting one and if he could be persuaded to speak of it, the tales would certainly entertain the travelers that stop at the Boar's Head. He was raised in the far north, to a clan famed for their engineering prowess, destined to one day be their leader. However, Yarog always knew he wanted something different from life, something that he could get his teeth into. He left the safety and tradition of home and set off to find adventure and a really good recipe for tripe.


Garot the Butcher, cold and unfeeling, like the carcasses that surround him. Butchery comes naturally to him and at times he enjoys his job a little too much. Hacking and slashing with relish, no wonder the other townsfolk only visit his shop in pairs!


Mace & Ridley live by the saying "They who drink beer will think beer!" and as the towns only brewers, they take their work very seriously and do a lot of "thinking".Which explains the slightly glazed expression, the unsteadiness of balance and the bouts of raucous singing. No one quite knows how they make a living from brewing their famous ale, but they're never short of cash, even when they do appear to drink all the profit! 


The fine silks, sumptuous linens, and exotic velvet speak of wealth and power and Nikolai Magnus cultivates the illusion of being a successful textile merchant very well, but everyone knows cloth isn't the real source of his income. He is a loan shark of the most cold-blooded type.


You wouldn't think it to look at him,  sat hunched on his cart, but there's a lot more to Rawkin than meets the eye. There aren't many places he hasn't been and there's not much he hasn't seen or done. He knows pretty much every living being on the dirt roads from here to where the soil becomes the sea.


Add-Ons: The Hero Characters £6 (Each)

Kindra Whispersong was called to service by her God as a young girl. The divine magic that glows in her eyes and the powers that accompany it, has led her into many adventures and battles that most of the townsfolk could never imagine. She never speaks of her quest; that is between her and her deity. 


The tranquil, dignified air of Awyn Moonbinder only hints at the power, the energy and the skill that lies beneath his tanned skin and within his toned muscles. His spiritual training allows him to harness the power of the Hallows. He is a unique being, born on the furthest plains. Maybe that is why he feels at home as a lone wanderer, only ever passing through the village when he's returning to the monastery. 


Gulm, though his distinctively Orkish features cause many to shy away from him, he was raised by a loving human mother and like the stone he works, the sharp edges of his Ork personality have been smoothed. His strength and savagery are channeled through the tools he uses, making him the most sought after stonemason in the town. 



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they have both.. and some figures in 75mm.  


Jon Stynes 7-time creator 3 days ago

Kelly, yes, 28mm and 32mm


Jon Stynes 7-time creator 3 days ago

Thanks Underattack, yes the horses will be available separately.

Scale image from KS1



32mm Townsfolk, 28mm Reaper mini, 28mm War Machine, 28mm Townsfolk 32mm Townsfolk, 28mm Reaper mini, 28mm War Machine, 28mm Townsfolk


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I didn't back the first KS because I found the female heroes a bit... too over the top... or very little on top, so a lot of danger of spillage out on top...  

This Cleric is also lacking in the clothing budget, but at least the pose isn't quite that cheesy. (It's still overly 'heroic' posed, but... )


I may back this one.

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Okay thanks, now I remember, it was the village of the supermodels.

I didn’t back cause while the renders looked great I wasn’t sure how well they’d translate to actual physical models. I wanted to see more physical minis.

Plus I was wary of why they were offering so many sizes when they stated that their game rules would be written for 32mm minis.


And I was disappointed in the lack of variety in the personalities of the female characters.

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I find a few of the models rather interesting, like the town crier, the granny or the beggar. I would even be fine with 1-2 "supermodels" per gender in each set. For the female bard it seems in character to be a bit more ... open, and the smith or farmer probably have a lot of muscles due to their trade. But besides that, all the younger characters seem overly cheesy, and not really in the same style as granny, beggar or this new rat catcher.


Will definetly be watching though, that wagon set looks great.

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