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Paedia paints Cerebria: The Inside World


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[Warning: lots of images incoming]


Next up on my table are the miniatures from Cerebria: The Inside World, a boardgame from Mindclash Games in which the forces of Bliss and Gloom vie for control of an evolving personality.


I'm going to try to do these two at a time (one from each team); the first two will be Harmony and Malice.


Session 1 - prime + zenithal highlight








Session 2



With the airbrush, I did base+shading of the wings and base of the body. Colors used:

- Twilight Blue

- Snow Shadow

- Surf Aqua

- Violet Light

- Sunset Purple

- Maggot White




For malice, I'm starting with the NMM-bronze-ish body. I base coated with Khaki Shadow, then used Ghoul Skin and Moldy Skin for initial highlighting. Shadows are Woodstain Brown and NMM Gold Shadow (which I am not that fond of for Gold, but seems to work well here). Any other color recommendations? I finished up the session with basing the skirt in Redstone.


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17 hours ago, Rigel said:

A great start! Never heard of this game, but I like the Psychonauts x Inside Out idea (and those sculpts, and your painting) very much indeed!


I haven't gotten it to the table for a play yet (just came in from Kickstarter). However, from the rules, it appears to be a really heavy crunchy area-control/card play strategy game - which is the kind of game I really like. Here's a link to the BGG entry for it: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/218479/cerebria-inside-world

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Did some more airbrush work on Harmony's body and based the "hair". Unfortunately, I forgot to get a good picture under my light. I did notice some overspray on the right top wing. I'll fix that up when I switch to brush work.



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Some more airbrush work on Harmony's hair.


Colors used (thanks PaintRack):



09266: Violet Light

09267: Sunset Purple

09296: Malvernian Purple

-9024: Amethyst Purple



09025: Burgundy Wine

09026: Violet Red

09027: Pale Violet Red




I did a little bit of airbrush shading on Misery's tabbard. I then switched over to brushes for the green bits and some more shading.


Colors used:


09224: Redstone

09070: Mahogany Brown


Green bits:

09082: Jungle Moss


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Got more work done on Harmony. Hair is mostly there, as is the edging on her wings. Did a purple wash on her body, but still need to pick out some details.




Hair topmost highlight: 09276 Vampiric Highlight


Wings edging/hands/ears:


09163-09165 Dark Elf Skin Triad + a small amount of 09021: Snow Shadow



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12 hours ago, Talae said:

Nice work so far!


I hope I can up my airbrush game to match yours.


You are too kind. This is the first project where I feel like I've begun to grok using the airbrush for more than priming and basecoating.

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Neck and face done (minus the eye glow). Green bits are mostly done; however, after a day of drying, it is a bit duller than I was desiring. I may put a glaze of a brighter green over the green bits.



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Finished Malice's skirt/loincloth thing and also glazed the green bits with some Retro Emerald. Last bits to finish is brush work to punch up the NMM on his body.


Paints Used





I also primed Love.




Reference Image


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