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Wasteland Generator (80053) Objective Marker

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I've been getting around to the terrain pieces (such as the Shipping Containers and Weapons Lockers) from Reaper Bones, and this is the latest: #80053, "Starship Generator."  I figure this would be of particular use as a scenario objective for games of "Fallout: Wasteland Warfare" (which I've recently gotten started in -- somewhat delayed because of the difficulty of actually GETTING the game and figures in my area).  My first approach would've been to make this thing all rusty like I've done with most of my other scenery as of late, but then I got the thought that this is a functional piece of equipment that someone might actually care to *maintain*, even though it might still be rather weathered and ancient.  I also wanted something of a retro look, so instead of painting it up in "iPhone white" color scheme such as I did with my first Starship Generator, I thought I'd either go for construction yellow, robin's-egg blue, or leaf green (with the latter two colors chosen because I thought they might be more likely to evoke the sense of a "household appliance").  In the end, I went with robin's-egg (or something in that general neighborhood).


Instead of covering it with rust patches, I applied some messy washes of graphite gray (for grime) and dry-brushed with (light) dolphin gray (for a look of wear).  The model already has some cables that look as if they're bodged-on, perhaps bypassing some fried internal system (no doubt some sort of SAFETY mechanism that fused!), as it looks a bit odd to have a device that looks as nicely shielded and sealed as this does having cables that pop out of a grill and then route around to another part of the same machine.  (That to me says, "cable patch.")  I grunged up the cables as well, and then painted in an indicator needle on the reverse side.  (I don't think the detail on that side was intended to be any sort of display or meter, but it just looked as good a place as any to put some more primitive sort of indicator on the device, since, despite the model's original name, I have no intention of this ever going on a starship.)

It's a bit grimy, grungy, and not worth a "showcase" post, but I just haven't seen too many (or any, for that matter) instances of the Starship Generator getting painted up, and it strikes me as a useful piece that fills an important niche as a catch-all "gizmo" that could be either an objective, or some terrain to hide behind, or a bit of "battlefield feature" that could, say, blow up if you hit it with too many plasma blasts.


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