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CAV 2nd Edition


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I liked the game right away when I saw it. I love mecha, the rules sounded good, and the minis looked great. What really got me hooked was Jeneki running a couple demo games, along with Cruesoe. It was a lot of fun, they both are very cool people. Also it is good see that there is an active CAV community online as well as around my area.

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Don't you guys read other game's forums? I always thought people were supposed to go psycho when a new edition is announced. You know, burn your collectins, make death threats towards the company, call anyone who disagrees a mindless drone, etc. Maybe I've been reading the wrong forums these days.

Well, I think Reaper would need to really screw up in the PR dept for people to have the same reactions to other "2.0" versions of games. A lot of it (IMO) comes down to how the company releases the news and what steps they take to keep fans in the loop.


Besides, my CAV stuff won't burn. It might melt, but it won't burn. ^_^


I may not agree with the change to the new engine, but I can see the sense behind it, and so far, they have been much more open and forthcoming about it. Plus, nothing is going to be retired. ::D:



Now, retire my Katana and Jaguar section, and you'll hear something from me. ::P:

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Looking forward, as the past is Behind.....



Where can I see a copy of the new rules? are they going to update the free PDF, or are they doing away with it?? I hope not, as it was one of the reasons that I go tinto this Game, I could read rules at my lesiure instead of reading as fast a s i could as i did not know anyone well enough to borrow a book.


I have appreciated how Reaper has handeled issues that folks have had so far... looking forward to more good things....



These Colors Dont Run, but they might melt under heavy Fire.....



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