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Reaper Bones vs. Reaper Core - What's the Difference?


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17 minutes ago, Vaitalla said:

There is new tech in the Bones paint line


Without giving away trade secrets or proprietary information, can you comment further on what "new tech" means? You've commented on the metallics using a shinier flake; could an example for the non-metallic paints be given? Has the binder/fluid medium changed to allow for the paint to be more densely pigmented, etc?


Thank you very much responding from the other thread. Since you don't like the bat analogy, what type of emblem would you rather have emblazoned on a spotlight to shine in the sky?


And, oh, one more question, completely opinion based: if one could only purchase three paints from the Bones line, what would you say are the "must haves"? Off the record, even. Would they be the three you mentioned in the opening post?


Thanks again, Anne. ::D:



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  • Reaper User

Good morning! 


All of the Bones metallics except one, I think, use the new metallic flake. The one had to be done with old flake because the color wasn’t available in the new flake, but I did mess around with the base on that one to retain more shiny. :poke:


When I say “New Tech” I mean both “relatively new to the overall paint market” and “stuff that is new for Reaper”. I don’t have a lot of time for active R&D anymore (though I do fit it in here and there), but I work with a marketing guy and paint chemist who is very good at fetching me options when I tell him I need an X that does Y, and he also has been to Reaper, toured our factory and keeps his eyes open for interesting new stuff. 


Binder and fluid medium did not change for non-metallic Bones, though I did begin working with a new additive. How can I put this...with any craft, you’re going to get a much better idea as you work with things as to how far and in what ways you can push the envelope while still retaining or enhancing the qualities you are looking for. This Bones line is the culmination of 14 years of Anne learning and pushing envelopes. ::D:


Bones paints I reach for most often for general use: Dragon Red, Heraldic Red, Lantern Yellow, Candlelight Yellow, Dragon Green. But I’ve been on a red/yellow kick lately. :poke:


Colors I consider very unique in the line: Ruddy Flesh, Ebony Flesh, Youthful Flesh, Ancient Oak, Skeleton Bone. 


As far as a signal, I have had a grumpy werewolf of one sort or another as my avatar for all of my Reaper tenure, so let’s go with Grumpy Werewolf!  :lol:

Loim I am here to appeal toward the side of every painter that loves to purchase tiny, brilliant bottles of paint...it’s painter candy, you know it is!

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Also, the second tier of my Patreon is literally all about the paint, guys. Reaper doesn’t have me do too many paint videos for Reaper Live, and I don’t have time at Reaper to write about the paint as much as I’d like; I’m too busy making it. So I’m doing it in my side-hustle. ::D:  Link is in my sig line. 


I’m happy to answer simple stuff here when I have time, though! Just use the grumpy-werewolf-signal and if I have a sec, I shall endeavor to answer. :poke:

(Hmmm not sure why above text is bolder. Unintentional; Reaper forums, you are weird.)

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5 hours ago, Loim said:

Dangit, now I'm gonna have to buy some Bones paints to try the Metallics. You're an enabler,  Anne. 


Oh, they're definitely worth it.  I love mine, and use them on a regular basis.  Don't really have a favourite (I lied, Dragon Bronze and Dragon Copper!) 


4 hours ago, Vaitalla said:

Correct! Pathfinder is being formulated in the style of Bones, and the Dungeon Dwellers also, as their SKU numbers imply. :) 


Oooooh, can't wait for the set then!  Hopefully will be be able to buy the full set when it comes out, aaaand it doesn't come out in some wintery month (by Canadian definitions) - otherwise I'll have to wait a bit, I guess :p


2 hours ago, IgwanaRob said:

I love the Skeleton Key paint - looks great on tankards of ale!

Looks good for armour too, if you're looking for a cold steel kind of look. ^_^

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Thanks so much for providing your insights, Anne!! This is exactly the kind of info I love to have. I've been eying several of the colors you mentioned, so they'll be going into my cart for sure. (Lantern yellow looks like its gonna be sooo goooood!)


And, you really have outdone yourself with the Bones line! Some of the colors are just soooo unique and smooth and just...*Italian chef kissy fingers*

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