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Knight of the Dinner Table

Bears Head Miniatures - Fantasy Series 1

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I upped my pledge for the new squirrel cavalry mini. I'm still debating on the bard or not. If not I guess I can always get anther dire squirrel.



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I got my shipping notification today! Looking forward to the squirrels!

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I missed the shipping email, but I found these figures in my mailbox today. \(◠ヮ◠)/

I haven't given them a close look but they seem lovely at a glance. Really happy about the bull and dire squirrel. Gonna need magnification to see the fairy rider well.

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Just got mine in unexpectedly. Fairy cavalry and some dire squirrels. Picked up a couple of other fairy riders from their store. These are going to be great fun both to paint and to spring on my group.  

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I got my minis a couple days ago. I only picked up the Fairy Cavalry and Grace the Bard:



They are very nice minis. Grace is the same height as the Bones mini, but she is standing on a very tall tab making her seem taller. The cavalry is great, I love the boar and the squirrel rider on the right, ironically neither was shown when the project was live.


Here's a closer look at the squirrel rider:


He's holding his hat on and has a bit of a panicked look on his face, clearly he hasn't been a squirrel rider for long. I love the personality shown. The only thing that would make it better would be a more dynamic movement for the mount to better sell the terror. Of course they are fairies, he could be the comedy relief character, there is no reason he couldn't be panicked even if the squirrel hasn't started moving yet.

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