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25mm sci-fi miniatures?


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As this whole project is in its infancy I can't tell you what the line will be called yet or what the blisters will look like but it's definately happening.

I got an idea!


Name them for Forum people! I could easily fire off names for you to have.


That is, if you wanted them (see previous posting re: ideas to companies)


IMHO, I would love an lstormhammer model.



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Always wanted to have something to immortalize me. †Great idea!! †Hint! Hint! Reaper. †Seriously though, there is a great lack of good scifi miniatures for the market. †GW's figures are sooo cluttered and really lacking in detail. †They were really made for miniature army combats. †There are not very many minis for regular scifi roleplaying. †So Reaper please hurry and continue to do the outstanding job.
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Always wanted to have something to immortalize me.
†I could live with that! :D †Could fall back on my maiden name "Hess" And I would have to be a bad guy. They have more fun. I mean they have to otherwise Anakin would have never gone over to the dark side! And as Dixie put " †The perks are better, better hair, bigger bust, b*****n' outfits." Bwahahhaha

Lady Tam

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I do have to request, however, that the minis be realistic, in the sense of actually being able to fight in the uniform/armor they have, and not succumb to the overexagerated methods used by That Other Sci-fi Game.


It bugs me to see people bringing knives to a gunfight and consistently winning.


I'm not mentioning names, particularly not GW.




Oh well.


Not bitter, not at all.

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I'm a former squid, so I'd much rather see Imperator than the CAV skirmish game released first.


However, whichever comes out first would be cool. The more the merrier :o)


As for sci-fi figures, I believe that GW stuff tends to be over-detailed for my tastes... I don't care for detail in the belt buckle and that kind of junk.. I'd rather have a nice simple figure which I can paint. Faces are okay, but I definately think GW goes too far with detail.


As for personalised minis, well I'd have to be immortalised as a power armour infantryman. They just look so cool... but realistic looking armour would be nice, for a change :o)


One thing that's always bothered me is that power armoured infantry (well, infantry in general) has always been under-valued and under-powered in most games. That's one of the things I like about CAV... crunchies can kill stuff and they're reasonably close to life in terms of their stats.


As for minis for roleplaying, I find the practice nauseating. I don't like using minis for roleplay games, as I think it takes something away from the game - to me a roleplay game is about imagination. I try to paint a picture for my players when they walk into a scene, but I know they'll fill in the gaps that I leave (accidentally or purposefuly). To me, that's how it should be.


If you are inclined to paint up figures for characters in roleplay games, great - it helps visualise the characters. But play with them.... no thanks.

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Ah the very old issue of to use minis or not in RPGs?


There are many schools of thought, and though I like your personal theory, I have found that minis are sometimes needed to ahem, avoid the arguments...


Player, He can't possibly see me, i am behind....


Ok set terrain, bring out minis... and those arguments simply disapear.


Does this mean that the players need a visual cane, maybe, but I am not going to argue if it avoids problems and increases the fun factor.



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