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Neathyrmaul on Crypt


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At one point, I think I asked what people thought of this idea, although that was probably almost a year ago... Anyhow, I got some flight stands and was able to get Neathyrmaul attached to the Crypt. He's a bit katywompus, but, considering how difficult it was to get him attached at all, I can't really say I'm too upset about it. Getting him to stay balanced while also having the glue dry in a way to keep him in place was challenging to say the least. Thought?






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On 2/16/2019 at 4:48 AM, Glitterwolf said:

This looks great!


I did something similar with Kaladrax.

If you would like to obscure the points of contact ( claws/roof) you might want to use some moss and vines.

It's an old crypt after all!



Thanks :) Overall, I do like how it looks, but I do feel the flight stands (although clear) do stand out a little bit. That will have to wait, though, I have my other project that's tied into the Bones 4 release already started :devil: Ghost pirates on a ghost ship! :zombie: I'll be hopefully posting a WIP shot tomorrow!

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