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I think Reaper are doing it for a couple of reasons. 

First Reaper is making it available to retailers for free. It is up to each retailer if they want to charge customers the $1 cover charge.


Now imagine you’re that retailer and you have a customer(s) come in and expresses an interest in or spends time looking at your instore miniature selection but wants to see more. 

Now you can refer them to Reapers site. Maybe they remember to do so, maybe they forget the Reaper name, or just don’t bother. Maybe they get to the site but don’t really know what they’re looking for and are overwhelmed by trying to search through the site.


Now imagine you’re that retailer and you hand that customer in your store a catalogue full of pictures of hundreds of miniatures. As soon as that customer leafs through the pages, they’re going to be hooked.


The other reason to my thinking is that things don’t always last forever on the internet. Having a hard copy can be a great resource going forward.

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I like it. The Reaper online store loads pictures very, very slowly for me, and that gets super annoying. 

My bf will be thrilled to learn that I can go "uhhh, look at that mini" all day until I fall asleep, not just when sitting in front of a screen.

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