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03902: Bog Homonculus

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This is excellent.


When this thing was released, I had a big problem envisioning what it should look like.  Now I'm not only going to be able to see it as a flying frog.  I may have to steal this color scheme.

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Oh! I love him!!!

I think I like it matte, so that the spinedies on the back look more like pokey spines. :)

Glad to see you back!

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Good to see you posting.


I love this guy. I like him matte, and matte is my first vote, but I wonder if he shouldn't be glossy everywhere EXCEPT his spinedies and claws... amphibious mucus would excrete from the skin, but not from the keratin.

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I love this, the colors and pattern is amazing. 


I like the idea of glossy finish for the skin and matte on the spines and claws. 

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