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Procession of the Plague Cult by Midlam Miniatures

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A set of 13 hand sculpted 28mm scale sinister robed figures, for all of your pulp, horror and fantasy games.




I backed Midlam’s Village of Witches and was very happy with them. The minis are very well cast and pretty reasonably priced.


I’m particularly fond of the guy with the bells.


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I really like the company. They've run a number of very fine Kickstarters with great, characterful miniatures, delivery in-time etc  ... those minis here have lots of character, too, but I don't see myself backing this one. I can't use those minis and they do not seem very interesting to paint (for me!!!).

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I backed the ghosts kickstarter and was very happy. These aren't minis I need, but I would be happy to back any Midlam project that has the right minis for me. 

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Again, for what it 's worth, Midlam Miniatures is on my short trusted KS creator list, based on several past experiences with their Kickstarters.


Good communication, good quality product, timely delivery. A+ will back again.

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I just received them, the casts are fine and the minis look great. I also like how they give an artwork with it.

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