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Talae's Carrion Worm WIP


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This is as much an attempt at learning more about my airbrush as it is about painting a Carrion Worm mini.


This mini has been painted using almost solely the Liquitex Inks (so far).


Primed and than hit with a couple of coats of a dark green.



Then I pulled out some brighter colors.



Zenithal spray of just the brighter green.



Switched to a brush and started to add some white to the green. 



Finished that and then went another round of highlights to bump it even brighter.



Added some white to the eyes (not sure if I will keep them as is or try a purple instead). Also picked out the teeth with white, but was really just messing around since I will be in the way of this for the mouth and gums.



What do you think overall of the roughed in color scheme?


Colors so far:


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15 minutes ago, Talae said:

Thanks! I used the PaintRack app to help pick it out.


I just started using that app a few weeks ago. I didn't know you could use it to help do the actual color scheme picking. (just been using it for cataloging which paints I use on a figure)

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