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Immersive battle mats for tabletop roleplaying games - By Yarro Studios

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I’m interested in what people here think of this.

It seems like a great idea, but I’m wondering if there might be some unforeseen drawbacks.











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I backed it.  I wasn't going to until I learned that they had several generic settings.  At first it, appeared that the settings were all too specific; I could just imagine comments like "Hey, this dragons must use the same builder as the arch-fiend."  But with the inclusion of the more generic structures it made it worthwhile to me.  I do really like the book concept since storage and travel will be easy.

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So his profile says, "

Tanner Yarro

Orem, UT

Hello everyone my name is tanner. I design toys! I made Fortsy, Build or Boom, Glowbots, and Dungeon Derby! Check out those projects on kickstarter!"


...and I looked up his previous projects.


Creator has some experience in KS, but look at the comments, particularly internationals:




BGG entry of his Dungeon Derby : https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/257395/dungeon-derby


I couldn't find a Glowbots KS, but here's a review of a product named it. Not sure if it's the same product. : https://geekmom.com/2016/08/review-glowbots-rule/


In the comments, the creator says, "I apologize but I’m absorbing a lot of costs myself to get you all these books at a great price!"


Paizo, of course, has a ton of these maps, and Wizards has a D&D 2-D tiles set, with none of the KS risk. But organizing these products isn't as convenient as a flip-book. You can still use 2D tiles with the flip-book. For $75, including shipping, you get two books plus reusable STICKERS. Two flip books is a little unnecessary, were the maps printed unbound from each other. OTOH, Some of the maps you might want duplicates of. And STICKERS. ::P: I don't have the Paizo flipmaps, only have a few WotC D&D maps, the creator has publishing experience, and $75 is within my risk tolerance, so I'm backing unless Mantic's Terrain Crate offers more miniatures than I think they will. From an update, it looks like the Early Birds got reduced shipping. Sneaky. ^_^


This is the first KS that mentions its manufacturing liason for China (!). Said person is in the same state as the creator, though I dunno how meaningful this is. "Jeremy Pendleton is the founder and CEO of Pendleton Trading, a full-service sourcing and product procurement company focused on helping individuals and small to medium sized businesses navigate the foreign and ever-changing landscape of manufacturing overseas. He earned a degree in Mandarin Chinese and Business Management from Brigham Young University and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. He and his team based in China have many years of product sourcing experience across many different industries including print, craft and hobby, home decor, toys and games, textiles, consumer electronics, furniture, and more. He lives in Provo, Utah with his wife and 2 boys."


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I backed this one, while sitting/waiting for players to show up for my game at LVO a couple weekends ago. It's a neat concept. Also with my games being at the FLGS, I have to have portable items. I've kinda wavered a bit on my pledge, but I think I'll see it through.


Mainly with having Fat Dragon ending soon, I've also back a few other KSes since pledging for this one. The items in those KSes are a tad bit more priority then this one.

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I've got the "Big Book of Battlemaps" from a UK company, that was kickstarted a few months ago.

So the concept already exist, they are not the first maps of that kind, but it is working great for us, so adding more maps might be something I'm interested in.

The stickers seem neat as well.

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Love the idea of a coffee table battle map book. Could travel with it to a player’s apartment if they ever want to host. Also $43 including shipping for one book is a great price IMO! I may py the extra $5 for stickers, but may not. Let’s see if anything intrigues me (also waiting to see about Mantic’s new terrain crates)


The creator said he is going to the manufacturer in China this weekend, so that’s cool. Said he’ll get pictures of the seam, the cover, show all the stickers, etc. and share them.

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Got 'em. BIG books and well worth the price. Larger than a backpack.


Although the pitch was for two books, that could be used side-by-side, some maps look meant for single-book use. Others, like the half-buildings, look better with another book.


However, they were only 20% off through the KS, and we paid shipping. We did get vinyl stickers that might not be free retail. See if your FLGS can do a discounted pre-order, or if the OLGS will have it on sale.


Creator's been very communicative throughout the campaign, so if you back campaigns to support the "little guy", Yarro's the guy to back! 

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On 11/5/2019 at 7:13 AM, TheMandolin said:

Did anyone here get the book? If so, what did you think? 



I got mine awhile back. I just forgot to post in this thread. The locations are generic but that helps in their use. There is a couple that makes you go hmmm I don't know if I'll use em or not. In the back are 2 or 3 plain grids of dungeon floor or grass so those could be used all the time.


I did pick up a couple of the dungeon dressings sheets & those are great to use. I used the free sheet included with the book, last night in my game. It was a giant coin pile. The coins are in a metallic print.


Very nice & will back again if he ever does anther Ks.

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On 11/21/2019 at 9:16 PM, haldir said:

I used the free sheet included with the book, last night in my game. It was a giant coin pile. The coins are in a metallic print.



I got mine too! I really like it, I agree the generic nature of most of the maps make it more useful, tho now I really want to figure out how to use the lava map and the cavern. My group just got a boat so we've been using that map pretty regularly. 


Haven't used the stickers yet. Are they easy to peel on and off? and to get back onto their sticker sheet?

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