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Darsc Zacal

Immersive battle mats for tabletop roleplaying games - By Yarro Studios

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I’m interested in what people here think of this.

It seems like a great idea, but I’m wondering if there might be some unforeseen drawbacks.











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I backed it.  I wasn't going to until I learned that they had several generic settings.  At first it, appeared that the settings were all too specific; I could just imagine comments like "Hey, this dragons must use the same builder as the arch-fiend."  But with the inclusion of the more generic structures it made it worthwhile to me.  I do really like the book concept since storage and travel will be easy.

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So his profile says, "

Tanner Yarro

Orem, UT

Hello everyone my name is tanner. I design toys! I made Fortsy, Build or Boom, Glowbots, and Dungeon Derby! Check out those projects on kickstarter!"


...and I looked up his previous projects.


Creator has some experience in KS, but look at the comments, particularly internationals:




BGG entry of his Dungeon Derby : https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/257395/dungeon-derby


I couldn't find a Glowbots KS, but here's a review of a product named it. Not sure if it's the same product. : https://geekmom.com/2016/08/review-glowbots-rule/


In the comments, the creator says, "I apologize but I’m absorbing a lot of costs myself to get you all these books at a great price!"


Paizo, of course, has a ton of these maps, and Wizards has a D&D 2-D tiles set, with none of the KS risk. But organizing these products isn't as convenient as a flip-book. You can still use 2D tiles with the flip-book. For $75, including shipping, you get two books plus reusable STICKERS. Two flip books is a little unnecessary, were the maps printed unbound from each other. OTOH, Some of the maps you might want duplicates of. And STICKERS. ::P: I don't have the Paizo flipmaps, only have a few WotC D&D maps, the creator has publishing experience, and $75 is within my risk tolerance, so I'm backing unless Mantic's Terrain Crate offers more miniatures than I think they will. From an update, it looks like the Early Birds got reduced shipping. Sneaky. ^_^


This is the first KS that mentions its manufacturing liason for China (!). Said person is in the same state as the creator, though I dunno how meaningful this is. "Jeremy Pendleton is the founder and CEO of Pendleton Trading, a full-service sourcing and product procurement company focused on helping individuals and small to medium sized businesses navigate the foreign and ever-changing landscape of manufacturing overseas. He earned a degree in Mandarin Chinese and Business Management from Brigham Young University and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. He and his team based in China have many years of product sourcing experience across many different industries including print, craft and hobby, home decor, toys and games, textiles, consumer electronics, furniture, and more. He lives in Provo, Utah with his wife and 2 boys."


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I backed this one, while sitting/waiting for players to show up for my game at LVO a couple weekends ago. It's a neat concept. Also with my games being at the FLGS, I have to have portable items. I've kinda wavered a bit on my pledge, but I think I'll see it through.


Mainly with having Fat Dragon ending soon, I've also back a few other KSes since pledging for this one. The items in those KSes are a tad bit more priority then this one.

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I've got the "Big Book of Battlemaps" from a UK company, that was kickstarted a few months ago.

So the concept already exist, they are not the first maps of that kind, but it is working great for us, so adding more maps might be something I'm interested in.

The stickers seem neat as well.

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I've backed this one for the base pledge of one book. I'm not going to do any of the add-ons and jack my pledge way up.

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3 hours ago, Adrift said:

I've backed this one for the base pledge of one book. I'm not going to do any of the add-ons and jack my pledge way up.


At least for the time being >.>

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Love the idea of a coffee table battle map book. Could travel with it to a player’s apartment if they ever want to host. Also $43 including shipping for one book is a great price IMO! I may py the extra $5 for stickers, but may not. Let’s see if anything intrigues me (also waiting to see about Mantic’s new terrain crates)


The creator said he is going to the manufacturer in China this weekend, so that’s cool. Said he’ll get pictures of the seam, the cover, show all the stickers, etc. and share them.

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I have the Giant Book of Battle Mats, I have been following this but it looks like it will be really wonky with that massive spine! If its not flat that would be a huge issue for me.......

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Got 'em. BIG books and well worth the price. Larger than a backpack.


Although the pitch was for two books, that could be used side-by-side, some maps look meant for single-book use. Others, like the half-buildings, look better with another book.


However, they were only 20% off through the KS, and we paid shipping. We did get vinyl stickers that might not be free retail. See if your FLGS can do a discounted pre-order, or if the OLGS will have it on sale.


Creator's been very communicative throughout the campaign, so if you back campaigns to support the "little guy", Yarro's the guy to back! 

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On 11/5/2019 at 7:13 AM, TheMandolin said:

Did anyone here get the book? If so, what did you think? 



I got mine awhile back. I just forgot to post in this thread. The locations are generic but that helps in their use. There is a couple that makes you go hmmm I don't know if I'll use em or not. In the back are 2 or 3 plain grids of dungeon floor or grass so those could be used all the time.


I did pick up a couple of the dungeon dressings sheets & those are great to use. I used the free sheet included with the book, last night in my game. It was a giant coin pile. The coins are in a metallic print.


Very nice & will back again if he ever does anther Ks.

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On 11/21/2019 at 9:16 PM, haldir said:

I used the free sheet included with the book, last night in my game. It was a giant coin pile. The coins are in a metallic print.



I got mine too! I really like it, I agree the generic nature of most of the maps make it more useful, tho now I really want to figure out how to use the lava map and the cavern. My group just got a boat so we've been using that map pretty regularly. 


Haven't used the stickers yet. Are they easy to peel on and off? and to get back onto their sticker sheet?

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       Morana, 75 mm Morana was once a champion of the sacred order of the Radiant Fist. During a mission, the dark wizard Shahrivar cast a curse over her and traped her soul in a gem. Since then his body has become the wizard´s tool, bringing death and disease wherever she goes.
       Akanksha, 75 mm Heiress to the throne of Shin Kingdom was always known for her diplomatic skills and her sword mastery. In one of her many diplomatic meetings, she received as a gift a pendant in the shape of a heart and, since then, there has been no desire which have refused or a lover that have rejected. It must be said that the tensions between the neighbouring kingdoms are more relaxed than ever.
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      Here you can see a comparative image of the projected height for the miniatures in both versions. Has you can see, the 75 mm scale will offer an excellent miniature for your shelf and the 32 mm scale will fit in any boardgame and wargames that you can imagine.
          In adition, some parts have been changed from the 75 mm scale to the 32 mm scale to avoid too small details and give the best painting experience.
      Here you can see the reward levels offered in this campaign. You can find the full information about every offer in the reward list of the campaign and, if you have any doubt, don´t hesitate to ask.
                  Here you can see the stretch goals that are planned for this campaign and they correspond to new extra characters that will be fully revealed during the campaign. When we reach the corresponding objective, their miniatures in both versions will be added to the available Add-Ons.  All those who opt for the Fallen Maidens reward may access to a special offer of these characters.
      Although only tree Strech goals are scheduled, I would add new characters in case the campaign reached higher goals. If this happens I will consider your suggestions to create new characters that captivate you.
      The add-ons are additional items you may be interested in adding to the rewards that correspond to your pledge level. To include an add-on, simply add its specified value in € to the amount of your pledge.
      When the campaign ends you will receive the backer survey where you will be able to specify which add-ons you want to include.
         Here you will find the available fantasy football products. If you missed the Asgard´s Sons campaign, this is your chance to get them and obtain exclusive characters.
        All shipping will be delivered by ordinary postal mail. How is it possible that there is a great disparity in the size of the packages, the shipping costs will be calculated according to each order to be fair. When the campaign ends and once the survey is done, the backers will be contacted to collect the shipping costs through Paypal just before sending each order. We can not ship to PO Boxes.
      If you come to Pamplona to pick up your order you will save these expenses and we can also meet in person!
      So you can get an idea of how much these costs will be, here you have a list of the estimated value of the shipments.
      I will do my best to keep these cost to the minimum possible. The shipping is planned to begin in March 2020. However, depending on the production requirements, it might change. 
      For those who opt for the Add-Ons level, it is possible that they receive their rewards sooner, It will depend if I have already available what they want to purchase or it must be manufactured.
      Further information will be posted on the updates of this project. 
      The master model of every miniature will be printed by 3DA Impresiones, a company that specializes in prototype.
      The resin miniatures will be manufactured by GRX Creations known by his high quality.
      Risks and challenges
      All designs are not a final product and can suffer changes during the manufacturing process. 
      Due to production requirements, the planned date to begin the shipping process might be changed due to the amount of the pieces needed and other factors out of my control. However, I will keep you updated on any changes.
      If you do not accept the terms of the campaign, please do not pledge on this project but instead wait for the general release.
      Learn about accountability on Kickstarter Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ
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      It's time to print and release the newest volume of the GOLD BRICK SERIES, the GOLD DIGGER FREDeral Reserve which compiles a multitude of the Gold Digger  spin-offs and ancillary series.   If you supported the previous Gold Bricks, thank you very much, and we hope you support this campaign too. With a load of great standalone and continuity pickup stories, this collection makes a great jumping-on point for any new readers, as well as awesome reading for longtime fans. THESE ISSUES HAVE NEVER BEEN COLLECTED INTO ONE VOLUME BEFORE. Between its black-and-white and full-color issues, the main Gold Digger series is fast approaching the 300-issue mark and is going strong!  (Including material like that being compiled into the FREDeral Reserve, GD is already well past that milestone!)
      If you're not familiar with us, my name is Joeming Dunn, and I run Antarctic Press, a small, independent comic company started in 1984. I have personally collected comics of almost every type and genre since 1974, and I can say that during the past 30 years, we have published some of the greatest and best independent comics out there. Our publishing history includes titles like Gold Digger and Ninja High School. The comic industry has changed over the years, so we have started this Kickstarter program to help introduce new projects from our talented group of creators.
      Prominent among the many series we have published over the years is Fred Perry's ingenious title, Gold Digger, which Fred describes as a mixture of Indiana Jones and Final Fantasy. The idea for Gold Digger was first conceived during Fred's tour of duty in the first Gulf War, and it debuted in Antarctic Press's anthology comic, Mangazine, in 1991. A four-issue miniseries followed in 1992, and a regular monthly black-and-white series followed starting in 1993. The current color series began in 1999 and has continued since then. It is the second-longest-running solo-created title in the industry. Among comic books with female leads, its run is second only to Wonder Woman.  In 2013, Fred was honored at Comic Con International in San Diego, where he received an Inkpot Award for his work on Gold Digger.
      Over the past years, we have released other Gold Bricks as Kickstarter projects. This Gold Brick is outside the numbering system of the main-series Bricks, so no potentially confusing volume numbers this time! If you haven't seen or read Gold Digger, this is your chance to enjoy one of the best and longest-running ongoing series in comics. Like the other Bricks, this one lets new readers join in easily, so you don't have to be shy!
      Over the next few years, we'll go back to reprint the other volumes to match the new Kickstarter printings' format. We want everyone to have nice editions. In addition to reasons already mentioned, during previous campaigns, many backers have asked us to collect these series, since many of these issues are difficult to find. 
      So what is included in this Gold Brick?
      A Science Affair Asrial vs Cheetah GD Minus 18 Gina vs Penny (GvP) Gold Digger Dreadwing's Mymior Gold Digger Adventures WHEW...that's quite a line up.
      What are we going to do with the Kickstarter money?
      Plain and simple, we're going to print and ship the Gold Digger FREDeral Reserve Gold Brick.
      The FREDeral Reserve Gold Brick is over 600 pages, many of which are in full color. Printing the actual books is the biggest single expense. The first print run of a typical Gold Brick is quite costly, as most printers require a minimum run to make it cost-effective. We are thus using Kickstarter to assist us with those costs. If the amount seems high, you must remember that we are printing at least a thousand copies of a 600+ page book. Another cost is shipping: First we will have to ship the books from the printer to our offices, and once we get them, send copies to all our supporters and distributors. Several thousand pounds of books represents a significant shipping expense.
      Here is a breakdown of our expenses.
      Printing: $12,500 (which includes hard and softcover)
      Shipping: $3,000 (Sending a 600-page book is costly, especially overseas.  The cost for shipping just one copy overseas is now around $34.)
      Fees: $1500 (Kickstarter takes their fees off the top)
      Handling/Supplies: $1500 (We have to pay for boxes and pay people to pack those boxes.)
      That does not include cost for sending the large PDF files to all the supporters and other miscellaneous costs.
      Those basic expenses total $18,500.
      So what do you get?
      The brick is 6 x 9 inches and will contain AT LEAST the series we mentioned above.
    • By SamuraiJack
      As seen at ReaperCon
      About this project
      This is my first set of TerraScapes.  I present to you a natural Caves & Grottos core set. With the full range of double sided modular tiles, you can quickly create ultra-realistic cavern scenarios for any of your spelunking adventures! If you've ever found yourself in a cave, you know how under represented they are in the games that we love to play. There is nothing linear about spelunking and caverns aren't flat! Caves are twisted sections of open air encased by cool moist rocky walls.  That's why I've coined this terrain as a Nonlinear Modular Terrain System, and it's a new way of dressing your Tabletop with functional, dynamic terrain for all your Tabletop RPG's!
      TerraScapes: Caves and Grottos strives to simulate natural terrain for optimal immersion and strategic playability. To maximize the possibilities every tile is double sided! This means that with every tile you get twice the possible play space! Both tops and bottoms of each tile can be used in your layouts!  Each tile is designed to work like a table where instead of legs, you have stalactites and large rocks. It allows you to stack them up however you want! This gives your layout real depth and introduces a whole new dimension for increased strategical encounters. Whether it's for your big boss battle, wargame or random encounter, everything you'll need for an endless tactical cavern layout comes with our set of Caves & Grottos!
      This video shows how to build an endless array of immersive caverns for your tabletop!
      What's in the Full Set?  I have a ton of tiles prototyped and ready for this campaign.  If everything is unlocked we will have 9 Core double-sided tiles, 3 exclusive large  double-sided KS tiles, 2 Rock Packs which include a total of 8 double-sided rocks and rock/well combinations, 2 sets of Stalactite risers containing a total of 4 risers, 3 double-sided flowstone/pit centerpieces and 4 packs of double-sided wall sections containing 8 wall sections.  This is everything you'll need to bring to life any dynamic cavern scenario that you could possibly dream up!  You can purchase any of these Packs of tiles or accessories as Add-ons as they are unlocked during this campaign by managing your pledge amount and adding their cost(s).  If you are bad with arithmetic, just send me a message and I'll give you hand personally!
      I know, I know...  I'm getting ahead of myself here!  When the campaign launches we'll only have the three tiles from Core Pack:A, and the exclusive KS:1 tiles available.  Whenever we unlock another Core Pack, I will also unlock another exclusive KS tile for you to snatch up!  I am fairly confident that we are going to smash through almost every stretch goal I have planned.
      Core Pack:A Random Layout with KS Tile:1  With the exception of the Stalac-Packs, note that every terrain piece in TerraScapes is double-sided. The following graphics depict both the tops and bottoms of every piece and are not separate pieces offered with the packs.  The sizes listed are in terms of tile height.  So a Size 2 piece is two tiles high.  A Size 3 piece is 3 tiles high.  
      Please Manage your Pledge if you would like to add-on any pieces.  A survey will be sent after the Kickstarter has concluded for you to list which add-ons and options (like paint schemes) you would like.  All shipping charges will be handled by a Third Party Pledge Manager after the Kickstarter as well.  You will have until December 1st, 2017 to update your Pledge using this Pledge Manager
      3 Core Pack:A tiles and the first Exclusive KS Tile:1 As each set of new tiles and accessories are unlocked we will journey deeper into what TerraScapes: Caves and Grottos has to offer any story.  During this campaign, your very pledges will move a group of adventurers through the deep, exploring the sets that you unlock.  Our heroes fate will depend upon your support!  When the campaign ends, our adventurers will either perish or succeed in escaping these deep Caves & Grottos! 
      Core Pack:A, KS Tile:1 and Rocks & Wells Pack:A  
      Rock & Wells Pack:A contains four Size 1 Risers  
      Stalac-Pack:A contains two Size 2 Risers  
      Core Pack:B Random Layout with KS Tile:2
    • By CAVBOSS
      WE ARE LIVE... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/272456130/talon-games-cav-strike-ops-iii

    • By Carnacki the Ghost Finder
      Live Link:
      Two week campaign
      Information is growing on Cmon page and BGG.  This rings all the right bells and is likely to mug me quite severely.
      From the Facebook announcement:
      "The ritual has started, and there’s no stopping it now. The only hope for the Investigators…and the rest of the world for that matter, is to disrupt it just enough so that when the Elder One arrives, it will be vulnerable for a split second. Just long enough to kill it!
      They’ll get their chance when Cthulhu: Death May Die comes to Kickstarter on July 10 at 3 PM EST. The new game from CMON and Guillotine Games combines the creative talents of Eric M. Lang and Rob Daviau. Stay tuned as we reveal more about the Investigators risking their lives and the unspeakable horrors they will face off against."
      Or as Mr. Lang says in interviews, the game where you "shoot Cthulhu in the face." 
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