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The World of the Lost Lands

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The Origins of the Lost Lands

For almost 20 years, glimpses into the world of the Lost Lands have been revealed in the publications of Frog God Games and Necromancer Games. The Lost Lands contain locations now legendary in the annals of roleplaying, from the depths of the massive dungeons of Rappan Athuk, to the city of Bard’s Gate, the Desolation of Tsar, the Blight, the demon-tainted Sundered Lands, the chaotic tumult of the Borderland Provinces, and the fabled Northlands. These publications offered hints of the sweeping scope, deep history, and epic grandeur of the Lost Lands.  But only hints.

For well over a decade, a Lost Lands campaign world has been our customers' most requested project...

...and the time of the Lost Lands has now arrived!


The Primary Reward

Over 42 years in the making, this is the definitive guide to the world of the Lost Lands!

This massive volume includes the history of the Lost Lands, a wealth of detailed maps, cultural information about its nations and peoples, and a huge gazetteer containing descriptions of the world's countries, cities, waterways and geography. For the first time, readers can explore the length and breadth of the great continent of Akados, including regions never before described, and far Libynos, home of the Desert Kingdoms and many ancient cultures alien to the folk of Akados.

The book weighs in at approximately 700 pages in full color, with maps by award-winning cartographers and beautiful, original artwork to place you directly into the world itself in all its glory and terror.

Entirely system-neutral, the guide can be used with any game system you choose.

The Lost Lands are the setting for a tremendous array of over 150 individual adventures and sourcebooks already published by Frog God Games and Necromancer Games, many providing statistics in multiple game systems. All of this material is available to provide an almost inexhaustible resource of ready-made adventures and epic quests! Future Frog God Games products set in the Lost Lands will be built into the ever-growing canon finally revealed in this volume.

About 4000 example pages of Lost Lands Adventures Pictured Above About 4000 example pages of Lost Lands Adventures Pictured Above

A small sample of some of these already-existing adventures include Rappan Athuk, Sword of Air, Slumbering Tsar, Bard's Gate, Necropolis, Cyclopean Deeps, The Borderland Provinces, The Blight, and Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms.

Authors of adventures which have, over two decades, explored the Lost Lands include Clark Peterson, Ed Greenwood, Bill Webb, Gary Gygax, Matt Finch, Jim Ward, Morten Braten, Jeff Harkness, John Stater, Bill Kenower, Nate Paul, Dennis Sustare, and Alex Kammer.

The authors of the guide to the Lost Lands include Bill Webb, Greg Vaughan, Matt Finch, Vicki Potter, Pat Lawinger, Anthony Pryor, Rhiannon Louve, Mark Greenberg, Ken Spencer, Casey Christofferson, and Thom Wilson.


International shipping on a book this size may be quite expensive. If you are a non-US customer, please read the shipping information below. We anticipate shipping to be $80 to $100 for most countries, and could even be more. Shipping for the tapestries (and only the tapestries) is calculated into their price for Canada, the UK, the EU, and Australia. 


The Lost Lands

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Flipping through the hardcover only adds to my disappointment with the Pathfinder Rules Addendum.   The Addendum has crunch for races and classes, but fails utterly in what should have been

They are the third sturdiest line of RPG books I know - with the sturdiest being 1e AD&D and CoC 5e.   If you have a big enough collection then you can use them as an impromptu bomb shel

700 pages of setting goodness. And in case of an intruder, I can hurl the book at 'em and likely knock 'em out. Plus the book will be none the worse - the Frog Gods do a really good job about bin

700 pages of setting goodness.

And in case of an intruder, I can hurl the book at 'em and likely knock 'em out. Plus the book will be none the worse - the Frog Gods do a really good job about binding their books.


While I'm not sure my Frog God shelf can take the weight, I'll likely back this one.


As for the huge price to ship overseas, they state in the Kickstarter that due to the increase rate of damage to the books when sent to overseas addresses, they will be double-boxing the books, as well as insuring the books.  They offer a 100% resend policy, so they've got to make the money somewhere, and that somewhere is in the shipping. 



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The most expensive box I've ever tried to ship overseas was via UPS and initially quoted at $1300.  We decided the customer didn't need their sample that quickly and used overseas freight to get the price down in the $800 range. 


- The product sample was a super fluffy material so it was a big box that had such little weight anyone could pick it up. 

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I am seriously considering backing this.  If I was to run a 5E campaign I would set it in the lost lands.  Its expensive though, but I did just get a bonus check from work (and sadly a huge unexpected tax bill too).

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Holy crap, I have to give them credit for thinking outside the box - the $75,000 stretch goal was opening up the setting to third parties. A free license - also allowing people to expand on any Frog God products in the setting that are older than 18 months.


So, if I decided that Rappan Athuck really needs ten more levels, for example.... ::P:


And that stretch goal has already been left in the dust.


The Auld Grump

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I backed it last night/this morning. I wish I had known about it earlier, as I would have backed it earlier, but I don't pay enough attention to kickstarter.


Now I just need a 5e conversion of Sword of Air and Slumbering Tsar. And Lost City of Barakus. And everything else they've ever made. Including old Necromancer Games stuff like The Boneyard...

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4 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Does anyone know if Frog God will have a Pledge Manager that will allow increasing a pledge after the KS?


We are in for the PDF, but I might increase it to get the doorstop barn door book if they do.


The Auld Grump


Going by my previous experience with both the Tome of Horrors and Rappan Athuk 5e kickstarters, yes. They use BackerKit, and you can put addons in later.


I backed this at the $105 level, getting all the primary physical stuff, but when the backer kit opens in a couple months I'll probably be adding the 5e addendum book PDF, and possibly the Pathfinder one as well since I do still have some love for 3.x systems and a whole host of Pathfinder supplies, including Rappan Athuk and a number of other FGG/Necromancer Games adventures. I've also thought about the super poster map, but I want to know more about how it's laid out. I may just be better off taking the poster map PDF to a print shop and having them print it on a banner or something.

Edited by Unruly
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Ok, so I just read the FAQ over at the kickstarter page, and it would seem that the super poster map really is just an ultra-giant sized version of the regular poster map. Like 6 times bigger. I don't need that.


Also confirmed that they will be using BackerKit, and that you can add stuff later once that goes live.


And I learned that the Razor Coast isn't included in the book, because they wanted to make it as gunpowder-agnostic as they could and Razor Coast relies on gunpowder as a key point of its setting. This kind of disappoints me, but it also gives me hope that maybe they'll do a 5e conversion of Razor Coast someday. Tegel Manor is also not mentioned in the book, apparently for legal reasons.

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Razor Coast and The Blight are both kind of special cases - much as I love them, they are not perfect fits with the general feel of the world. (And by 'love them' I mean 'my favorite published adventures and settings of all time'.)


I tend to go for blackpowder fantasy - so it is possible that I am biased. ::):


The Auld Grump

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Well, The Blight is still included, because as they put it it references gunpowder but gunpowder doesn't form a large part of the backbone for the area and so can be removed or lessened without harming the feel. But Razor Coast is Age of Sail based, so gunpowder is a must-have for it to work at all. And that makes sense. From what I've read of The Blight gunpowder is more of a novelty than something that everyone is expected to know and use.


Still want my big honking book of player crushing doom, though. Even if it doesn't include Razor Coast. Being able to run Rappan Athuk as a full campaign, rather than just a huge dungeon crawl, in its actual setting without having to make up large portions of the greater area is something that entices me.

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      Been watching the previews for this on Bold's Instagram,  Some crazy cute models, this time sculpted by  Ismael Nieto.  I'm particularly fond of Bisa and Tori, the winners of the dino race, and the BatPacker is too cute.  Resin cast and STL like their last several releases.  I've picked up their STLs before and been very happy, Planning to try to swing for at least one in resin this time, though shipping from Sweden hurts.

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      If this has been posted I'm not finding it.  This kickstarter is a rules conversion type.  The game exists in Swedish and has been translated into English.  The next step appears to be releasing a version for 5E.  Of course, if you are like me and enjoy reading different rule sets, the original books are obviously still for sale.  The price point for the kickstarter doesn't appear to be much different from what they have published, unless I'm missing something in the currency conversion.
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      I leave this here:


      Looking quite good! I'm backing for the character set.
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      Wellcome to our biggest miniatures ever! Blood and Skulls ork rider is the largest and more detailed miniature in 70 mm scale that Nocturna models released in all of these years. This project is really monstruous and we need your help to fund it.
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        28 cm total size
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      I've bought everything this company has put out so far.  I'll probably pick up these two as well.  Really great figures based on classic artwork.
      These two are both nude, so I can't show pictures here!
      NSFW link:
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      During the fourth campaign "The muses", we had suggested that you submit ideas for the next muses. A vote had then been put in place to decide between the 27 muses that you had selected.
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      To accompany it, a second muse has been chosen on the same theme: "human skin on animal skin". You will discover it below, hoping she inspires you! :)
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      Here is another of his works: "Lilith" painted in 1889.
      Lilith is a mythical Hebrew and Biblical figure (Adam's first wife), whom some see as the very first portrayal of feminism in history.
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