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Ghost Pirate Ship - in preperation for the Bones 4 arrival!


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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I love the rust effects and the weathered look of the wood.



Figured if it were sitting underwater, those were requisite features LOL The rust was incredibly easy to achieve, honestly. 2/3rds of the paints I have right now are Reaper, and I love the different combos I can use with them, but I find that I REALLY like the games workshop technical paints! The rust was done using their Typhus Corrosion on top of the gunmetal color for the cannons, then once that dried, I used the technical Ryza Rust dry brushed on it. The Typhus paint has a grit in it, so it gives it texture, and the rust color when dry brushed on catches the high points of the grit. This, for the most part, leaves the underneath the corrosion color with the oxidized iron color on the upper areas.


That reminds me, I am running on fumes with the gunmetal color I used for the cannons and need to get some more!

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8 hours ago, bojesphob said:

Yay! Now just to paint them and figure out how to put them on!




Thoughts on painting? Trying to keep a little translucence?

I'm thinking gloss varnish/ medium+pthalo ink in shadowy spots/lightbdeynrush of spectral glow or some other teal-y turquois-y color.

Might try one with thin inks in general.

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As a matter of fact, I'm going to paint them up like I did my clear green Wraith I did from Bones I :) The railings and treasure chest and such are all going to be painted normally, and the ghosts themselves will be still mainly transparent with some drybrushing and washes. Haven't decided if I will do the swords painted or clear, though.


This is the wraith completed:




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