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The Somewhat Modified Mushroom Troll a la Mollog


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11 hours ago, MKCS said:

What do you feed that imagination?

And can I have some?!

Absolutley love it!


...could have been that mushroom I had back in my misspent youth. I have refrained in my misspent old age.

I am glad you like him, MKCS. Thanks for the reply.


10 hours ago, bluecrowlaura said:

Oh he looks so great!! I love this conversion. The colors are awesome, the mushrooms are awesome, the base...all of it's awesome. So original!


Thank you, bluecrowlaura. I am delighted you enjoyed the whole thingy. Enthusiastic responses do wonders for my morale.


10 hours ago, KruleBear said:

Absolutely OUTSTANDING Malefactus. The modification and the orange color make him an excellent addition to your world.




Thanks, Mile. I am happy you like the conversion & the colors...it's mostly Americana's scarlet, a new color to their list.

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11 hours ago, Patrik Strom said:

Wonderful additions to the mini!


Thanks, Patrik. I am glad you like the embellishments. They make him more of a personal creation...or so I think.


2 hours ago, TheOldGuard said:

Great job, he's wonderful!!


Thanks, The Old Guard. I am happy you like him.

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10 hours ago, Redd Knekk said:

Dude...I’ve been away too long traveling for work and forgot how fun this is! This guy is NEXT LEVEL MYCELIAL ELITE!!!





I am happy you like him, Redd. I cracked & got the Mollog mini from G.W., SO you may get to see the inspiration for The Troll eventually...FedEx willing.

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