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THF-03 Dynastron + Nail Polish = Disaster.


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So, I ordered the THF-03 Dynastron (which is pretty much MP-36 Megatron by Takara), and the joints in the arms were a bit loose.


So, I bought some nail polish to tighten those suckers up. 


What I didn't know, was that Nail Polish removed paint from figures.


Even though I was using clear nail polish, the figure's paint that wasn't removed was stained. 

20190220_193811.jpgThis is a photo of the damage done. On the bright side, I did tighten the joints. 


Could someone help me find out what type of paint was used, and what shade of silver?

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You might also check a Transformers-specific forum. I am not at all familiar with the community / hobby, but a quick Google brought me to the TF toy forums at Seibertron, which seem to be active and have a fair number of repair/restore threads.


Again, this is a recommendation based entirely on the Google-net, I cannot vouch for the environment of Seibertron's community. But it might be worth a shot.

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