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Starting a new mini, called Blunderbuss, she's one of my many, many (many) Twisted Urkins I have left to paint.




Made some progress today:-




Painted her gas-mask, it's mostly Red Leather shaded with Brown Wash, but it's also got Iraqi Sand stitches, Bronze bits, Oily Steel bits and a 1:1 Magic Blue/Ghost Grey eye lens. 

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Thanks, I wish she wasn't the only little girl Urkin.






Gave her a little red hood (Scarlett Red > Brown Wash > 1:2 Scarlett Red/Fire Orange > 1:2:1 Scarlett Red/Fire Orange/Ochre Yellow with a 1:1 Scarlett Red/Black inside), with Iraqi Sand stitches and topped with a bow (Hawk Turquoise > Black Wash > Hawk Turquoise > 1:1 Hawk Turquoise/Ghost Grey) that also has Iraqi Sand stitches.

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