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77357 Anhurian Crossbowmen

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What happens when a D&D friend says "Oh, you paint minis?  Here, paint all of these!" and hands you a bunch of them he's had in a box forever?  This, apparently.  Crossbowmen in both stupidly ostentatious gold and purple as well as in a less crazy look.





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    • By Kev!
      My take...

    • By JackMann
      I'm not a big fan of the Stormcast Eternals Games Workshop put in their Age of Sigmar line. However, looking at some things other people have done, I realized there were basically two things I hated: The immortals-style faces, and the all-gold paint scheme. The heads aren't bad in-and-of themselves, but when every unit sports the same derpy face, it makes them look less interesting. The all-gold paint scheme made it harder to pick out details. So, I thought I'd try fixing that.

      As you can see, I went with a primarily steel paint for their armor with the gold functioning as more of a trim. Blue goes pretty well with both gold and steel.

      The steel, gold, and blue were done mostly using the Scale75 paintsets. Faces were done with various Reaper skintone paints.

      Blondie here got his headswap from the Space Wolves Pack.

      This guy's head might be recognizable as one of the Anhurian crossbowmen. Bones are great for swaps.

      Red's head came from Reaper's Sir Rathan Kranzhel, also in Bones.
      It's amazing how much difference a slightly different color scheme and some headswaps can make.
    • By Rob Dean
      I put a spray varnish coat on the final batch of figures for 2016. This group includes three Bones for the club's ongoing Frostgrave project, two Eureka Dark Ages Archers (a Viking and a Norman) destined for Saga warbands, and a converted Bones Bathalian, who is headed for the stars. That is to say, he's going to be part of my Rogue Stars collection, for Osprey's new generic small group SF game, at least while we figure out if we'll be playing it.
      Here's to hoping for a better 2017!
    • By JDizzO
      Some town guards to keep those pesky adventurers in line.  Sorry for the pics, I almost forgot to post these in time so they were rushed.
      Edit:  In all their sloppy glory!

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