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March to New Hobby Hights!(March Hobby Goals)

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On 2/27/2019 at 11:16 PM, Generic Fighter said:

So hobby goals for March. Mine are...



--Get better at Cat Cohabitation

--Get last item for my Box of Many Things Partner from December so I can send second package.

--Prepare for the Launch of season 4 of the No One Can Know About This podcast

--Pester Chris and TJ to release a new Episode of the Turtle's Paradise podcast

--Complete the Chapter 3's in Octopath Traveler



So my progress.


--Made an unicorn yellow.

--kitty sat in my lap for the first time last night.

--got item. sending it this week.

--listened to episodes 1 and 2.

--pestering happened.

--no progress on that.



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On 2/27/2019 at 9:56 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

Might as well too, since tomorrow I'm going to be busy rebuilding a computer, and odds are Friday through Sunday will be consumed by something that you'd think is a song, but is really based around people in power armour blowing things up.  And shooting things.  And... You get the idea.  Anthem will be taking up my weekend I can pretty much guarantee that...


  • More painting!  Striving for an average of half an hour a day of painting/hobbying, although an hour a day averaged would be awesome... Doubly so if hobbying happens at least four days a week.
  • Finish some of the minis I have lying around on my desk.  No, seriously, I actually do want some of that space back!
  • Greenstuff work on Wyrmgear, even if it's just smoothing out a few things to make him look more biotech/synth/living latex kind of deal.
  • Start Ritterlich CAV WIP thread!  Initial goal: get my current inventory of CAVs cleaned/trimmer, assembled for painting, and with bases complete.  Bonus: Prime said minis!
  • Organize my minis so they're all in one area, and at least somewhat... Well... Organized.  Oh, and bonus points for writing up a list of what I have, in an easily readable format.
  • Greenstuff Minotaur Demon Lord
  • Assemble, and fill gaps on 2x Narthrax.  One for hubby to paint, one for myself to paint.
  • Re-prime hubby's Ebonwrath
  • Decide between restarting my Tau, or the Catachans.... Be it either one character on the painting desk, or say four regular guys ^_^;;;

...That should be enough to keep me working away, I'd say.  Or at least for goals to pursue!

Well, not too shabby in my eyes...

  • Didn't quite meet most of my goals for hobbying, but I did get in probably 10-12 hours overall, so I am happy about that...  Doubly so given the arsenal of games I had, plus all the other stuff I was dealing with ^_^;;;;
  • Wyrmgear sadly didn't get any attention, but some of my gnolls and minotaurs did see a brush!  CAV thread has been started, no painting yet, as it's been basing work on those five
  • I organized my paint desk somewhat so it's slightly tidier... That's good enough for me.  Although I did wind up sorting most of the minis into two different boxes, so I suspect that such counts enough in my book.
  • One Narthrax assembled, other is still in box, hoping to be assembled soonTM
  • It'll be Catachans, and I'm going with a vehicle - a Sentinel to be precise.  Tau are fun and all, but... I dunno, I always seem to hit a roadblock with them or something.
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On 3/2/2019 at 11:37 PM, Warlady said:

1. Continue with the next batch of minis for my current commission

2. Finish the next dragon in the queue


Did get the next batch of the commission done. 

Didn't get to work much on dragons.  :-(

Did paint up a 10 mini Goliath team for Chaoswarlord for Necromunda.  That was a time-intensive project!


So I did get some projects done.  :-)

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