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Cash's 2019 Art

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Hah, that crappy landscape was accepted into the juried regional exhibit :D 


It's the only qualifying piece I have. My art mojo is on hiatus, luckily I've been playing a ton of bass guitar. Keeps me in my happy place, a low friction connection to the Source (art is also a connection, but it's high friction due to still learning....I'm pretty natural on bass at this point after playing for almost 40 years!).

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So I mentioned I painted a bit over the weekend. It's been a few years, I took the hiatus to focus on my drawing skills. Then I took a hiatus from that 🙂 The previous piece I posted (the native chief) is maybe 90% done, but I'm not sure I'll finish or show it, the point was to get back into things, not make a great drawing. Same thing with this study, but here we go anyway.

1 hourish oil study, burnt umber pickout (burnt umber/mineral spirits) on a cotton 8x10 panel. Probably another couple hours for the drawing (which I then transfer to the panel to paint over). Not sure if I'll try another session (pickout is almost impossible to finish in more than one sitting, as it relies on mineral spirits as an 'eraser' which doesn't work well on a dry paint film!), but here's my first attempt to knock the rust off and get back into painting: 



I will likely do a series of these over the next few months to get back into the swing of painting.

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4 hours ago, dave678 said:

It's breathtaking!

Thanks! That was a really good class (Head Drawing with Lucas Graciano at Watts Atelier). I remember I was trying really hard to develop my hair abstraction at the time, trying to find the border of design and reality that worked for me.

I've been wanting to swap out a couple of my wall-hangers, I'll have to dig this one out and put it up for a while 🙂 

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I did a little painting study as part of the library's tiny art event. Not having done a lot of painting, especially over the past few years, it was pretty difficult to even get this done. I think it turned out fairly well and more importantly, I was able to learn a lot from it. Abstraction, shape design, value and chroma control; as well as getting more experience with mixing and mediums. It was painted using my usual indirect technique, an underpainting then a block-in of basic colors/shapes, then a few layers of refinement, finally details, then varnish (which makes it hard to photograph but looks much better in person).


St George Schooner, 3"x3", oil on canvas.



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