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Corvus Corax Miniatures - Clansmen of Caer Loch Kickstarter

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Corvus Corax Miniatures is a small hobby project created in 2013. Since then, three projects have successfully funded on Kickstarter and all have been fully delivered on time without any delays. The feedback from the backers have only been positive. Thanks to the support through Kickstarter, 17 miniatures have been made available.

The goal of this project is to raise funds for the production a total of four (4) miniatures for the Clansmen of Caer Loch. The miniatures will be cast in high quality, non-toxic resin. The scale of the miniatures is 35mm (measuring to the eyes in a standing, straight pose, although some characters may be slightly larger because they are supposed to be large characters).





You can also pick up the other Corvus Corax minis from previous projects as add ons

I've backed the previous projects and been very happy with the results

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4 hours ago, Spodi said:

Pretty cool, but seems a bit pricey for what they are.


Thanks! They are pretty cool, indeed. But I am not sure Joaquin Palacios is able to sculpt something that isn't cool. :D I guess the price depends on what you compare with. If we make a fast comparison with some other resin miniatures we might get a fair idea. These are just a few other companies that are ontop of my mind. There are obviously a lot more. The figures are more pricey than metal and plastic, but lower than comparable other resin figures of equal size. But yeah, only saying that things should be considered in perspective. :)


Corvus Corax kickstarter: ~$12 (single and down to ~$7,50 for several)

Games Workshop: $17-25

Kingdom Death: $25

Infamy Miniatures: $17

Demented Games/Twisted: $20

Mierce Miniatures: $18

Arena Rex: $19

Purgatory: $17

Infinity Miniatures (metal): $12-13

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Funded! And stretch goal #1

Posted by Grefven (Creator)

Thanks everyone for the great support. While I had hoped for this project to be successful, I didnt expect it to go this fast. Hopefully, we'll be able to reach one or two stretch goals before the project is over.

Stretch goal #1 - Skult

Skult is a member of the Clansmen of Caer Loch. He will be added for free to anyone who has pledged for the "Pariah" pledge level. So once this goal is reached, the deal will be all the sweeter. Skult has been sculpted by Pedro Fernandez Ramos.

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Stretch goal #2 has also been reached, and everyone who joined in at the Pariah pledge level will now receive Selkie for free, bumping the group up to six miniatures included!


Stretch goal #3 will see the first add-on, which will not be a member of the Clansmen, but of the Outcasts of Dur Makeb. If we reach stretch goal #3, Cervus will be available as an add-on. Cervus has been sculpted by Roberto Chaudon.

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Stretch goal #4 Posted by Grefven (Creator)


Stretch goal #3 has been reached, unlocking Cervus as an add-on. Cervus is a member of the Outcasts of Dur Makeb, and has been sculpted by Roberto Chaudon. Lets just hope that no one drops, or lowers, any pledges now so the total drops below the goal! :) 


The next stretch goal, if reached, is another free miniature included in all Pariah pledges, bumping the package up to 8 miniatures. This is an alternate pose of Aktra, a member of the Exiles of the Tetsu Clan, sculpted by Pedro Fernandez Ramos. This version of Aktra is a Kickstarter exclusive miniature and will only be available through Kickstarter, and in a limited amount.  

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Posted by Grefven (Creator)

Stretch goal #4 has been reached, meaning that this Kickstarter-exclusive version of Aktra is added to all Pariah-pledges for free (well, as long as the total doesnt drop down below the goal). The Pariah-pledge will consist out of 7 miniatures. An already good value has become even better!



If we manage to reach Stretch goal #5, Surtr will be made available as an add-on. Surtr is a member of the Nomads, and would increase their amount a bit. Hopefully, we could potentially bolster their numbers a bit more during the campaign, making this faction being able to compete with the others!



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Stretch goal #5 has been reached, allowing Surtr to be claimed as an add-on. Surtr is a member of the Nomads, a faction that need some serious reinforcement to bring their strength up to level with the other factios. Surtr is a true colossus on the battlefield!



We've reached stretch goal #6, which means that Aktra "standard miniature" is included in all Pariah pledges. This is, of course, depending of that the project does not see too many failed pledges in the end, that would drop the total down below the goal!


Automatically Appended Next Post:

so the Pariah pledge level now includes 8 minis!

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Thanks for the support everyone who pitched in! :) Now I am just waiting to see how many pledges will fail to collect. Thus far, its a fair bit more than 10%. I hope it clears up a bit before the 2 weeks deadline as it could affect the "final stretchgoal".

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