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CIRCUS: Knife-Thrower and Assistant (50012 and 50125)


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The knife-throwing is a staple of traveling circuses, and hoo boy if Reaper's Jack the Ripper (50012) isn't the best carnival blade-hucker I've encountered. Look at that spindly frame, that ludicrous top-hat! Look at that gaunt smile--the smile of JOB SATISFACTION. He is here to put knives EXACTLY where he wants them to go, while keeping the audience guessing at just how sane and in-control he is. Our boy here would definitely be played by Doug Jones in the live-action remake. 

And any knife-throwing act is improved by a good-looking assistant to imperil! Yvette, Magician's Assistant (50125) fits the bill splendidly. 
I used pencil for the fishnet stockings. She's a good Zatanna-esque figure and radiates showmanship.

The targets are wooden discs I slapped paint on and stabbed with a knife to make them look used. One of them has some painted-over bloodstains. Mister Stabbs is a professional, so don't think it was an accident.  

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22 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


Nice fishnets on Sally!


3 hours ago, Iridil said:

Wonderful fishnets and pin stripes - great characters - this is a really fun pulpy set you have going!

Thanks! I'm enjoying it a lot. They are really delightful sculpts, and I trust myself with a pencil a lot more than with a liner brush. 

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