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Chris Palmer

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OUTSTANDING! The Beasty is BEAUTIFULLY painted & based in an imaginative array of colors. That is one of The Best pieces I have seen you do. VERY WELL DONE!

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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great job!


Thanks, Glitterwolf!



1 hour ago, Iridil said:

I like the mix of the pale blue with the tarnished brass look of his back


Thanks, Iridil!  I didn’t realize I was doing a “tarnished brass” look when I started out; just highlighted with the greenish-yellow Folk Art Color Shift paint.  But now that you mentioned it, it really does look like that... and I like it! ::):  Happy accidents.



1 hour ago, malefactus said:

OUTSTANDING! The Beasty is BEAUTIFULLY painted & based in an imaginative array of colors. That is one of The Best pieces I have seen you do. VERY WELL DONE!


Wow, makefactus; thank you!  I have to say, I’m really happy with it; and I think I was helped along by it being a really amazing dynamic sculpt.



1 hour ago, Rigel said:

Really good eyes and jaw membranes! 


Thank you, Rigel!  I think I’m getting a good handle on painting reptile eyes, and I’ve found a coat of gloss varnish over eyes really makes them pop.   I used really stark highlights on the membranes and I think that helped them to pop as well.  I also think that using a yellow color for the eyes, and pink for the membranes really make them stand out against the blue and green body.

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10 hours ago, DanH said:

I saw this one on your blog, great job!



Thank you, DanH!  


And thank you for reading the blog! ::):


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    • By gmvader
      I have a series of vignette's I'm planning that all feature ogres in amusing scenes with townsfolk. The first of this series is here.
      With this one I imagined the young milk maid is taking her boyfriend home to meet the parents for the first time. The boyfriend, wanting to put on a good first impression has worn his best striped collar and matching belt, as well as brought his best skulls.
      He's a bit nervous so she's trying to reassure him. "Don't worry... Mom is going to love you."
      She doesn't say anything about dad, though...
      Any critique and criticism is always welcome.

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      The Left Hand of Darkness here is from the Bones 3 Stoneskull expansion. I painted this one at the same time as the Bones 4 female devil, as they make a fine pair.  Speaking of fine pairs, you will need to click the links to see, as the titilation offered by a shapely two inch piece of plastic might be harmful to minors.

      Full Frontal
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      A slight Angela from Spawn vibe going here. Not sure what about this mini that makes me think of that character.
      77496 Eilluvasheth, Succubus Queen
      Bones 3 Stoneskull Expansion, 2017
      Reaper Miniatures
      Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
      Made in Bonesium PVC
      32mm base
      available from reapermini.com
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      I'm late on this one, it was hidden in a drawer...
      "Brain in a jar", (i used epoxy resin) :

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      I recently bought some Greenstuffworld colourshift paints & eagerly wanting to try them out, I searched through my (huge) Bones backlog for a suitably metallic mini. I grabbed the fantastically ominious Iron Golem from the Bones 4 Stoneskull Expansion & got to work.
      The blue areas are the colourshift paint, all the other areas are standard paints.
      I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's not as easy to see the effect on these pics as it is with your own eyes but you can make it out. There's no shading or highlighting on these areas apart from some silver to pick out the rivets & sharp edges on the arm plates.











      Thanks for looking!
    • By Evilhalfling
      Thief : Blue Ink base + black ink to show details  (least happy) 
      Cleric : angelic ghost or spiritual weapon spell.  Yellow ink + TMM 
      Ranger: painted by minispawn.  ill take it. Makes a great ghost 
      Wizard: nulin Oil + higlights of green ink  (fav) 
      Fighter: I only painted the base. (represents an invisible PC pretty well.) 
      I should talk to @Doug Sundseth about this again, since he is teaching a class on it, probably today.  Not sure im happy with the set. 

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