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I just wanted to mention that the rules page for the MSP Open does describe the additional Reaper manufacturer awards clearly. The information is at the very bottom of the page. (I realize that the page may not have been available when the question was first asked, this is more for the benefit of later readers.) 

The following is just a summary, I suggest reading all the rules if it's your first year entering or you find that you have questions or uncertainties. Or even just as a general good idea. Many of us participate in multiple contests and it's easy to mix up rules and procedures between them, or forget things from one year to another. 

Sophies are awarded in Open, Painter, and Diorama, and are chosen by a panel of judges. The main figure(s) should be Reaper, but scenic elements and bits from other companies can be included as supplemental or secondary elements. Scratch sculpting and conversion can also be included, and in fact is pretty much required to win a trophy in Open. 

Any entry that includes a mousling or a Reaper-made giant monster is considered for those trophies, regardless of their category for the general contest. These are also selected by judges, which may include sculptors.

The theme award and best display award are selected by judges. I am not recalling what the prize/trophy is, if any. This year's theme is Pirates. A display is how you set up your figures on the contest table. Some people use plinths and background cloths and other imaginative methods to display their figures. (However remember that there is only so much space and lots of other entrants, so try to keep your ideas compact as well as imaginative.) You don't have to arrange a special display to enter the contest in general!

As mentioned, the Best in Show is selected by vote. Only those who have an entry in the contest get a voting card. You write down the number of the entry you think is the best on the card and put it into a ballot box by the voting deadline. Unless something has changed there is no trophy or plaque for the BiS, but there are cash prizes. There are three BiS - overall, runner up Reaper, and runner up non-Reaper. (So the figure with the most votes altogether wins the overall BiS regardless of who made it. If that is a Reaper figure, the Reaper figure with the second-most votes wins the runner up Reaper, and the non-Reaper figure that got the most votes wins runner up other manufacturer. If the overall winner is non-Reaper, the Reaper figure with the most votes wins runner up Reaper, and the non-Reaper piece with the second most votes wins runner up non-Reaper.)

It does not appear that non-Reaper manufacturer or any other special award information has been added to the contest rules page as yet. I would keep an eye on this forum and general Reaper social media, but also on similar channels for manufacturers that have attended in the past in case they make an announcement.

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