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That is a WONDERFULLY creepy, BEAUTIFULLY painted & based creation/creature. Your choice of colors is OUTSTANDING.

The triangular shape of his pupils enhances the alien feel of the piece SPLENDIDLYVERY WELL DONE!

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7 hours ago, haldir said:

Nice use of the barrel cluster pack as well. 


Very nice overall. 


I actually made a trip back to the store to get their treasure chest pack, but they were out of stock. I sadly purchased the barrels, but after adding them, was very happy with something I hadn't seen done with this model as of yet.

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1 hour ago, Iridil said:

Wow - I love the purply scales and the eye. And the barrels! Love me some dungeon dressing - wonder what's in them that he's so protective of....



In my friends campaign he is the local tavern owner. First appearance he came upstairs after all the players got into a bar brawl and he started blasting everybody.

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16 hours ago, Iridil said:

Wow - I love the purply scales and the eye. And the barrels! Love me some dungeon dressing - wonder what's in them that he's so protective of....

EYE WINE. Made from fermented vitreous and aqueous fluids aged for decades. Allows you to see magical visions of (the end of? High points in?) the donors' lives.

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    • By R2ED
      This one took a lot more time than i planned.  2.5 nights of work.  The killer of it was all the layers with translucent paint.  Keeping them thin to not get streaking was difficult.   But i did it and it's done. 
      Proud moment for me is the eye.  


    • By R2ED
      This one is taking me forever! 
      I'm at a standstill with doing this eyeball. I also can't tell if i need to change the weird yellow i did around the eye.  I'm also struggling with the pumpkin lights in the heads.
      Overall I'm struggling and need suggestions. 
      Here's where I'm at: 

      Here's the progress photos







    • By Pochi
      Here is the Overgourd from Bones 5. He is super fun to paint! I am using him in my D&D game tomorrow! His sidekick is a 3d printed pumpkin cyclops.

    • By Rickdraco
      It's been some time since I last posted here, but I recently got and painted this WizKid beholder! Comment, criticisms and advice will be gratefully received!
      The mini in the background I am not quite ready to post as I have not based it properly yet!

    • By Rigel
      In the country of the blind, the saying goes, the one-eyed man is king. Certainly when venturing into the obscure unknown of space, the monocular Illyrians are as good as any human, despite a completely different evolution. Their quick regeneration and centrally-located brain-analogue allow them to survive injuries a human could not, while their alien metabolism means resource competition between human and Illyrian is minimal. 

      Here is one brave planetary explorer on a rugged rocky ringed planet. It appears extensively cratered, but the presence of atmosphere and weather should have worn the features down...

      Well, that answers that! 

      Distant evolutionary cousins, perhaps? Or just convergence? 

      These native life forms are unused to creatures with eyestalks like theirs that can move about freely on the surface! 

      The eye-worms are unused eyestalks from a Wizkids Beholder--they come with a set each of Eyebeam Eyes and Regular Eyes. Waste not!
      They were inspired by this pulpy artwork--not mine, all credit to the original artist.

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