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Display case - wall mounted, help

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Mojo you are correct, thanks for pointing that out.  Acrylic can hold a static charge and attract dust like nobody's business, especially in  dry areas like US Southwest, average humidity here is 5%.  (Maybe not a problem in areas with 75% average?)


There are special sprays and such to mitigate this but I already have a lot of things to think about without adding special acrylic sprays  to it.


  After a few days i like this one more than ever, it's eye level to my work table and i even dumped all my unfinished/packaged models into the bottom level. 


my only real problem is what to do once it's full in approx. 2021 :)

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I use something like the bottom model for miniatures at home. Mine is abit broader and less high, but I'm not at home to take a pic atm.

I bought it secondhand for €7,50, alot more affordable then the big spenders you're linking in this thread (which I have contemplated aswell!).


in the corner I have one of those Ikea big shelves for the big pieces once my bones gets ready to be painted :) 



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On 4/30/2019 at 8:49 PM, gmvader said:

I know you can't share commercial links but can  you mention where you found the one you ended up purchasing? I've been looking for it online and can't seem to find it.

sorry guys , forgot about this thread. The company is called Onlyhangers but others sell it, i bought mine off e-bay, search for

Glass Countertop Tall Display Case with front lock

at bottom page they will suggest other models, including the same company with the same construction type that's low and wide versus the narrow / tall i got. your choice of black or silver  frame.

$130. and free ship

Really like mine, my desktop is not very large and i was completely out of space. now they are safe and seem to be staying fairly dust free as far as i can see. 

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