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A special anniversary for me


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Thank you for sharing this with us.

Good to hear the treatment is working so far, it sounds like you found the right doctor who is willing to try new things.

Keep fighting!

There is a lot of progress in creating new treatments, the one you got would not have been possible some time ago.


I hope it can be stabilized or better yet, cured.

I'm happy to call you a friend.




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Awesome story for a cold Friday morning!  Having lost my father in law to renal cancer just a couple years ago, I'm glad you were able to do what he wasn't.  Keep on flipping the bird to cancer and getting the most out of life.  :winkthumbs:

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Wow, thanks everyone for the great response!  the last 5 years of my life have been some of the longest I have ever experienced and having you all to talk to has helped through some of the worst times.  the worst part is that, to this day, there is no outward sign that anything is wrong (from the cancer.  There is plenty of indication from my medication)  my Tumor was only found because I passed a kidney stone and the urologist wanted to be sure there weren't any more so he took a CT. 


I also got to play 2 months of is it or isn't it cancer because the tests all showed inconclusive or negative.  trust me when I say that nothing can confuse your day more than getting told you may have 12 months to live or it may be nothing and this is all just an annoyance.  The doctors were not able to actually confirm the diagnosis until after the surgery and the main tumor had been removed. 


the worst part of all of it is the fatigue.  I have a new understanding of what sleep deprivation can feel like.  there are days where I have actually fallen asleep standing up!  of course there are other times where I have been almost to the point of tears trying to find a place to lay down.  To make matters worse, it can come out of no where; I will be sitting at my desk or walking somewhere and waves of exhaustion will just wash over me.


but not everything is grim.  I have been able to maintain my new weight which has helped immensely with my borderline diabetes and my blood pressure.  Of course, nothing comes for free and because of the meds I'm on, it is next to impossible to put on any muscle mass.  its a bother but it is what is it.  at least while I'm on this side of the grass there continue to be opportunities! 


There have been some promising medications lately; they continue to refine the immuno-therapies so that they get more targeted and there is even a drug out there in trial form that seeks to fix what's broken in my type of cancer.  That wont erase the cancer, but it will turn the cancer cells into cells with a normal growth rate.  Hoping to see that available in a year or two.


So I continue.  not too bad for someone who was expected to be dead 3 years ago. 

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