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Armies of "O"s - Teams #2, #3, & #4

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Going a little ambitious here as I've never tried doing this many multiples at once.  3 different old school army sets from the 80s and 90s.  From front to back we have Grenadier's Orcs of the Severed Hand, Grenadier's Ogres of the East, and some of Ral Partha's Gargantuan Orcz.




The last group is not a complete set, but random picks I got from Iron Winds Metal.  Though they're called gargantuan, they're not so much nowadays as can be seen when you compare them to a Bones orc.



Also, as they're random picks, some of them don't have all their parts, like the one above on the left is suppose to have a shield.  So big Bones over there made a sacrifice as I actually wasn't too keen on painting him anyway.




And this next guy is a standard bearer, but I don't have the standard.  So I put something together with a Reaper Weapons Pack piece and a GW skull.


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I agree, good conversions!


I'm also looking forward to seeing those Orcs of the Severed Hand get painted up. That was the first set of figures I ever got, and I've still got them.  I've painted them at least three times, I should strip 'em and do 'em again.

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9 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

I agree, good conversions!


I'm also looking forward to seeing those Orcs of the Severed Hand get painted up. That was the first set of figures I ever got, and I've still got them.  I've painted them at least three times, I should strip 'em and do 'em again.


I decided that they remind me of how Tolkien describes orcs, so that's my inspiration for their painting scheme. Some of his quotes -


"...they are (or were) squat, broad, flat-nosed, sallow-skinned, with wide mouths and slant eyes; in fact degraded and repulsive versions of the (to Europeans) least lovely Mongol-types"


( the orcs) "...owe a good deal to the goblin tradition, especially as it appears in George MacDonald."


I actually have MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblin, so I may be looking into that to see what more I can get.  And I may take a note from the old Hobbit cartoon from the 70s.  My research bug is going strong!


We'll see how they turn out!

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Orc face!


Testing out the color usage for skin.  Uniform Brown, Green Ochre, Pale Olive.


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Playing around with primer coats.


White primer glazed with Citadel Agrax Earthshade.



Grey prime coat glazed with Citadel Druchii Violet.



And ogre face!

Fire red, fire orange, and marigold yellow.


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Been getting little bits of time here and there the past couple days.  Result is the various states of progress on the ogres, least to most from left to right. Progress is based on two things.  One, when I ran out of each color each time I used it.  And two, testing patches because I only half plan these things.  The armor color was very much "I'm in a blue mood."  And since I didn't feel I had an appropriate blue for my mood, I went out and bought one. (Along with 2 other blues and a couple greens because god forbid I go to the store just for one thing!)


Skin is mostly complete.  Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue base with Sky Blue on the metal armor bits.  Palamino Gold for accent.  And I'm going with Red Brick base, Ruddy Leather, Tanned Skin and more Palamino Gold where needed on the Leather/Cloth armor bits. Citadel Druchii Violet gets put back in where I think I need it.


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Worked on getting base coats on all three sets.



I figure these ogres will probably take me the longest to do overall as I'm putting quite a bit of color details based on Japanese warrior armor.


Definitely going with inspiration from the 70s & 80s for color with this next group.  They scream the era for sure.






And then I decided to go bold with some very green skin (Vallejo Goblin Green) and yellow based clothing for the Gargantuan Orcz.  I'm using the colors of the NMM Gold Triad for the clothing.




And since I didn't want them all looking exactly the same skin color, I'm doing variations on the shadow washes and highlight colors.



This last set will probably take me the shortest time a be finished first because I'm "forcing" myself to try and get them down without detail obsessing.  

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"Where there's a whip there's a way." Say what you will of the Rankin-Bass films, they knew how to write songs for orcs and goblins. 

I'm greatly enjoying the diversity of orcish sculpts you've got here.

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Been a busy couple weeks because I live and work in a university town.  But I was finally able to get some decent painting time in this week and am nearly finished with the gargantuan orc troop.




Similar to the skin, I did some quick washes of different colors to add variety to the gold color clothing and then brightening areas back up with NNM Gold Base and NMM Gold Highlight.


Also went through and defined objects with some Brown Liner outlining.  The difference is shown with the standard bearer.  It's subtle but there.




And I realized while painting the archer he was missing something.  And he had a strange knob sticking out of his leg.  So once again, pulled out a piece from my weapons pack collection.



So a quick paint up of the quiver, some base finishing, and these guys I'm calling complete!

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Have a little time on my hands, so I've turned my focus onto the Severed Hands orcs.  I spent yesterday fleshing out all the skin on these guys.




Today,  we get on all the armor and clothing.  An example of the direction I'm headed, before and after -



Decided on a more painterly texture on the metal bits, partly just to have fun with technique and partly because I don't see orc armor as being smooth and super shiny.


Armor is pretty much just Coal Black with Pure White with a touch of Pheonix Red mixed in with the Coal Black for some tarnished areas.


Sadly, I can't remember what color I used for the base coat of the fur bits.  I deepened it with some Citadel Carroburg Crimson wash and highlighted with Fire Orange.

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