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Nothing says love like some Waaagh!

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With my Cadian army mostly finished (aside from painting nine more squads, the inevitable additions, and tweaks that never really end ) it seemed like a good time to start my wife's army. This week I finally picked up her codex and learned how to build the units to fit this edition (I didn't want to build a bunch of squads only to realize I was short figures because they can't actually take the loadout legally).


Next came the task of deciding which clan/clans she wanted to play. She chose the Bad Moons to start, though that could change, but since we'll be using an original color scheme they'll be playable as anything if she wants something different. 


Choosing her clan lead her straight down the rabbit hole of the Orks lore however. She asked me if I knew anything about them which led to a condensed explanation of their culture, life cycle, tactics, technology, and of course the Waaagh! I honestly wish I had recorded her reaction as each fact seemed to make her eyes get bigger and bigger as she realized just how much craziness there is to absorb. This of course led to us putting a pin in the topic, with me telling her that reading the codex is way more fun than someone just telling you everything.


Now she knows the Kill team rules and routinely destroys my Guard team but she has never played 40k, which means creating this army will be a joint venture. I'll assemble and paint the miniatures but we will create the army together with her deciding the troops and their loadouts. For the actual creation I'll be in a purely advisory position. 


So tonight we started out slowly and talked out the weapon choices of the Runtherder. She decided on the Grabba stick and a squigg, reasoning that she wanted the extra attack and the squigg's morale ability.


Once everything was decided I got to work building her Runtherder and gretchins. Then came the task of gathering up everything else we've acquired over the last few months. 20190308_233943.thumb.jpg.7bf362555d1909414873fa155dbc50bd.jpg20190308_234007.thumb.jpg.5dcaf19fa7b26da3a5bcd65bedd34d2c.jpg


With winter still causing problems for priming a trip to my brother's garage may be in order.

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That eyes bulging in happyness reaction is why my second favourite army very much so is Orcs... 


One of these days I'd love to roll a Space Orcs army, there's just so much culture, fun, lore, and personality behind them! 

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8 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

there's just so much culture, fun, lore, and personality behind them! 

Yeah, I think initially she chose them because she enjoys the half orc race in D&D so much. Once she really dives into the lore though I think she'll love them for entirely new reasons.

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28 minutes ago, Rat13 said:

Yeah, I think initially she chose them because she enjoys the half orc race in D&D so much. Once she really dives into the lore though I think she'll love them for entirely new reasons.

For me, it started with they came in the boxed set (for Warhammer Fantasy), and then one single spell sold it all...  The Foot of Gork (or is it Mokre, I forgot).  Sure, you can throw fireballs and whatnot, but what's cooler than the ACTUAL FOOT of one of your race's gods stomping down on your enemies if it goes off... 


The other thing too is with 40k Orks, you have "crazy" things like red paint jobs actually make vehicles go faster, just as much insanity with other things, and actually personalizing your minis is not only heavily encouraged, it's part of who they are...  Unlike say, Space Marines, where you have marines #4 and #286 looking fairly similar. 


I really need to read up more on the lore for Orks, they're an awesome army! 



... Besides, who else other than the Orks would come up with something as epic as Mad Grox Racing... I think I'm remembering the name of that correctly... Awww, not having any luck pulling it up Google, but it was a special event Games Workshop was running at their events in the mid-2000's.  The premise?  You get four sprues from the random sprue box, and 15 minutes to assemble it.  You'd then race around a death track against several others, and the first to complete two or three laps, or be the last one standing... Wins. 


And you got to keep your mini too.  Wonder if I still have mine lying around somewhere... 

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46 minutes ago, Corsair said:

You know why Space Wolves like fighting orks?

Orks are fungus

Fungus is mushrooms

Mushrooms go on pizza

Pizza goes with beer...

I always thought it was the proverbial "pineapple, or no pineapple on the pizza" arguments...  Or is that more a Dark Angels / Blood Angels argument?

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Managed to get some painting done last night, but I probably won't get much more anytime soon; a cold is starting yet again. 


So this marks my first time using Dwarven Gold and after just one session I can see why people rave about it. Not only does it look incredible but it applies well too, which makes it an easy contender for favorite metallic. Honestly I'm regret not getting it sooner.


The other colors were my regular hodgepodge, purple, steel, leather, and my Ork skin system. Aside from the metallics and the skin everything else was an afterthought, more puttering around than painting. I guess it's a little hard to get jazzed about painting models that already had great paint jobs on the bodies.20190310_161730.thumb.jpg.df9d86a3a900a7b0b466449b912e377d.jpg20190310_161804.thumb.jpg.6db6005860703727cd7f2c26b01310d5.jpg

Now comes the task of adding some yellow, these are Bad Moons after all. 

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Cold finally started to abate so I got back to painting. I managed to finish the first four Nobz but not without some issues. 


Even though we're not using the full on yellow scheme the Bad Moons typically have we did want some yellow in their color scheme. That being said I don't think Pale Saffron (the only yellow I have at the moment) from the learn to paint set is going to cut it. It's a great color but after a wash of Nuln Oil it loses a lot of itself and becomes a dull mustard color. So on my next trip to the game store I'll definitely look for a new yellow more in line with the typical Bad Moon color.


On the other side of the color coin is the Dwarven Gold which looks great initially but looks even better after a wash. Now that the figures are finished I'm really glad I incorporated it into the color scheme, especially on the faceplate and jaw armor of two of the Nobz.20190316_001102.thumb.jpg.af420462933a4b3d0a6cfb11a070be44.jpg20190316_001143.thumb.jpg.e045b8c77062e0d2d00e1c373a79a138.jpg


Had a bit of luck on the priming side of things too this week. It actually warmed up enough to go out and prime. So naturally I primed everything I had on hand.

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Haven't had much time to paint lately as learning  the eBay has taken most of my free time. Though I guess that's what I get for trying to start my wife's army with a trade-in instead of cold hard cash.


Tonight the wife and I started painting the skin tone on our current on hand Orks. With her help we were able to base coat and wash the skin on twenty-three models in no time flat. 20190320_211827.thumb.jpg.655da943c3c7c1a961aa93191e6b02f8.jpg


Next will be the skin highlights before the big decision, paint the Orks or the Gretchin first?

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Finally got back to painting after finding out firsthand what eBay selling is like; it was certainly an eye opening experience. I think I'm in the minority of people that check the price AND the ship price before buying or placing a bid on eBay items, or at least that's what this week has shown me. No matter how cheaply the miniatures sold for every single customer thought my ship price was outrageous, apparently  $5.00 to pay for the packaging and the actual shipping is too much. Seriously? You just got a twenty year old sealed blister for $2.00 but you won't pay $5.00 to actually get the miniature? Now that I got that out of my system I'll show you what I accomplished tonight.


I'd like to say I made a ton of progress to make up for almost a week of nothing but I didn't. I did manage to finish the flesh highlights on all the Orks and Gretchin though. 20190326_222658.thumb.jpg.8d5342ab5ba8ed9e4eaedabe0663f76d.jpg


And with the enabling of WhiteWulfe I started painting a few Gretchin. They are all pretty close to being finished but I already found my pride and joy of this army. When I bought the box of Gretchin with their herder I noticed the one eyed fellow with the ballcap and knew what I HAD to do.


I have a favorite hat which my wife really doesn't care for (she does have a bit of a point seeing as its a Long John Silver's employee hat and I've never even worked there), but nevertheless it is my favorite hat. Unless you're a hat person it's hard to explain why a particular hat is your favorite so I'm not even going to try. Well I think you can see where I'm going with this, that one eyed ballcap wearing Gretchin was destined to wear a Long John Silver's hat. 20190326_222733.thumb.jpg.fc2905ce33c34bead9ab18d9737dc5ea.jpg20190326_222755.thumb.jpg.40f1e13fd4750e94138eae1e4cfc3c22.jpg


My wife happened to take an interest in what I had painted tonight and wanted to see the one that was "basically" done. She gave me a look once she realized what I had done but took it for what it was, a joke I just couldn't resist. In the end I think she also chalked it up as a kind of fee for painting her army.

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Those gretchin are so full of personality... And loved the story about the hat! 


I hear you on such things.. I don't wear hats much anymore (but I am really tempted to get back into wearing them since they do bring benefits with them), but yeah... I have a Fireball Whiskey(?) hat I got as a promo from a local shop.. It doesn't fit me (well, if I let my hair grow out somewhat), and I definitely don't drink their stuff, but it's my favourite hat. 

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2 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

It doesn't fit me (well, if I let my hair grow out somewhat), and I definitely don't drink their stuff, but it's my favourite hat.

Its good to know I'm not the only one when it comes to hats. My LJS hat is just comfortable, well broken in, and is quite disarming to people. I've found that when you dress like a backwoods militiaman and have full on wizard beard a hat like that can really put the general public at ease. Well that and a speaking voice that doesn't seem to match the person help too. 

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