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Mil-Net's interview is up


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I didnt read what was taken out but I can just imagine.


It must have been another of your posts professing that you know everything there is to know about the industry and how Reaper is doing everything wrong.


If its so bad, I have one question...



Why are you still here?

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That deletion was an honest accident.


I have a special needs child who stepped in cat vomit and while I was cleaning up the mess he got to the keyboard and had a game crash that resulted in multiple button pushing. I believe he deleted your post, but I was not positive until you spoke up just now.


It is no conspiracy, it is no plot, but if you chose to feel that way, I refuse to go out of my way to stop you.


I apologise, very publically about the incident, but I can not change what happened.



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I read it, and frankly; I didn't care for your comments, Nadin. Okay, I understand you disagree with some of the decisions being made, and everyone is entitled to their opinions.


I respect you, and value your insight as an aspiring writer; I've listened to you blast the company about unprofessionalism, yet I trying to figure out much professionalism your demonstrating by coming on to their forums and blasting their decisions.


Now if you want to hock your stuff and do something else, thats cool, yeah your coming up with your own system and setting, excellent. Thats on you, girl, you do what you feel you gotta.


I'll admit I'm a little weary of these decisions myself but show a little professional courtesy in their house. Yeah, this is their house, their rules, their decisions and I surely won't question their professionalism about any of their decisions, especially in their house; honestly, I was told about this well in advance, nobody had to do that, but I was told out of professional courtesy, and a little respect for my efforts.


That in itself, keeps me content regardless of whatever disagreements I may have with them at one time or another. Ok, guess what, A lot of my elf they rejected cause it doesn't fit their vision, and its a tough pill to swallow; I strongly beleive in my work, So much that I decided to incorporate it into some other personal projects I have been neglecting.


Talking with some friends about, I realize, its probably the better decision anyway, so yeah, I have a little system of my own, and a game setting, in fact, I even wrote up some solid core rules. it wasn't done out of spite, but rather cause I wish to insure the life of my creation.


So if it comes down to yeah your melting down your elf to make way for other games, Ok bet. email me, I'll buy it all off your hands and you can just go do your thing, no sweat. I will probably be playing CAV anyway even if I dislike the second edition but I'm willing to give it a chance. I never gave a crap about victory points and tourneys anyway.

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What I saw of the Warlord rules I liked. I'm looking forward to CAV 2.0 myself and it should be nice, especially from a BL perspective, to have two game systems that are really similiar. It will make learning both sets of rules and explaining them that much simpler.

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Look I will put it this way... it is good they are relaunching, why the game is dead... very dead... and has been very dead for a while for reasons many of us pointed out. and it looks some people have actually chosen to listen even if they do not want to recognize that they did listen to the critics.


In that good luck. I realize they will get a whole new generation of fans... and I mean that. Some of you will remain, but for the most part, most have moved on... and again I mean that.


As to criticism, if they actually listen and support the game system FOR ONCE, that will be good. (and it means they did listen to the criticism and LEARNED)


If they decide to print the paper product that is needed to suport a minis product, that is fine, and they should do averge for the gaming industry, at the very least, and yes , I do have a clue, even if some of you do not thnk so. What is it, the tone or the cooties, I still have to figure this out.


Now the copyright release that Matt is now requiring from people... gives me much room to ponder, not that I would submit anytihng. I just compare it with others that circulate in the industry. When we have something similar written for our game, I will use the Mongoose model. I do like the staement in that one, if we do not like it, we guarantee we will not use it. That kind of a clause shows another level of commitment to writers. And yes, they are very much doing pay for hire as well. (There is a movement afoot to get more respect for the creative profesionals and move away from the pay for hire model, just as the comics industry went through oh, five years ago, giving writers a tad more control. If you know what I am talking about, you will realize what I mean, otherwise this is legalese and giberish, I understand that)


I wil also point this out, rejection is part for the course, in that Reaper is not different from oh Asimov, or Dragon, or Dungeon, or Signs and Portents... This is what publishing is. and it is very much the nature of the beast In fact, get used to it, if you want to write profesionally.


As to the rest, yes I found it funny, I sent the interview to the retailers I know and they were annoyed, (as I expected) for different reasons than players will be... again I know my FLGS and the managers.


Oh and again, Fodors is NOT a good place to go search for stellar data beyond stellar class (and for this there are plenty of places to do this on the WWW... any decent engine such as GOOGLE should give you enough places to find the info), Still if you are going to create a world I highly sugest Ben Bova's how to create science fiction worlds, from Writers Digest, it is the authority in many ways, as it goes into things such as stellar mechanics and axial tilt, which will determine the posibility of life et al. And yes this is just a starting volume. These days I find myself reading oh many a science journal... and if CAV is a science fiction setting then it should follow some of these basic rules... then again some games that started as sci fi have become sci fantasy, because the science is hard to keep up... trust me, I know.


There are also good Software packages right now in the market that help to create planetary systems, and follow what is known currently of stellar mechanics. Most are commercial but there is a freebie (does not generate tables or planets, but has the stellar data), which is a great little tool. It is called Chview. There is another freebie out there for Traveller that can be used with extreme caveats, after all it uses the rules FOR TRAVELLER, which are pretty close to what was known of stellar mechanics when the game came out.


Now to one particular person, why am I here, Sorry got the news in my email box, went and read the interview and found it funny at many levels, so just sharing my reaction. That said, I have not used the gift certificate, will not use it, and have not bought any Reaper minis... after all... what I need they don't make... in any way, shape or form. Nor do I expect them to do such, nor would I use them in any demo... something about copyright, you know.




Oh and to Reaper, the best luck in the world with the relaunch, I know you think I do not mean it, but I do.


To the players,


Happy gaming

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Look I will put it this way... it is good they are relaunching, why the game is dead... very dead... and has been very dead for a while for reasons many of us pointed out.


I have to remember that next time I play a 7500 point game or show up to the league in Harrisburg.


As to criticism, if they actually listen and support the game system FOR ONCE, that will be good. (and it means they did listen to the criticism and LEARNED)


Critisism is hey, I don't like the way this CAV looks, or, the stats on that one suck. you've actually gone on the CAV HQ to question their professionalism, that bothers me. I know I've even got into some intense moments even with Matt Ragan, but in the end we was always cool. Don't know, I've always thought they were on the level with me, perhaps its how your approaching this?


Fluff issues? sistergirl, that was crushed a while ago, yeah they could use more, well heck, more is always good, but it came down to, did people really grasp what they had? Or did they want to be spoonfed a bunch of mindless bullstuff that was so full of holes it was garbage.


No, blasting that issue undermines all the effort some people put into making the fluff you have in the first place. Your a writer, how does that feel? elf I know I'de get pissed if someone blasted my work?


Now copyrights, what I'm an idiot or something? Wait, Pharoah and I have only written stuff for the past decade and a half, and you think we don't know how to cover ourselves? heck, I write cause I enjoy doing it, half of the elf you see online was experimentation, to see what I can do, and what people would enjoy. in fact, all the elf thats written has been for your enjoyment. period.


In return, I get some experience and a little attention, hey that crazy fool Kamut can write like a son of b*tch. a few kudoes, and I'm content with that at this point in my life. I'm that street rapper that performs for my freinds simply for the reward of them being entertained, and I gaurantee I can out rhyme most of those f*cks with the big dollar contracts, I feel I can probably out write a few pros too.


So hey, you gotta do your thing so be it, if you can't support the companies decision, to claim to represent their interests and question their professionalism at the same time. thats just wrong, you know it.



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If this guy is so dang smart and know soooooo much about the game market and writting Sci Fi, where's his game and minis company? Until you put out something better than Reaper does, your comments mean nothing. It's one thing to get on a message board and post some complaints about the company or it's games, when you trash them it crosses the line. Reaper has done pretty well, they are know all over the world for making great minis and games. I think they have a little bit better idea of how run this type of operation than you do. So if you don't like the minis, books, or paints don't buy them. If you don't like the game don't play it , and don't post your unfounded BS here. :blues:

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