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Mil-Net's interview is up


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Bryan, are you basically saying that things are gonna be optional in terms of faction specific UCOR's? Cos I don't see how Stuart's army can remain a Terran Legion if he gets to keep all his units.... unless they're a 'pre-UCOR war/Galaxy War 2' army which didn't suffer much of a mauling.


If the UCOR's are being moved around, can we (the Terrans) swap Mitso-Ta for something else... like any one of the Adonese ones please (preferably Borsig-Spline) :o) I'm very curious as to how this will work in the fluff though. Should be interesting to watch.


Another speculation is a tiered system. A nation picks it's own UCOR's as the 'prefered' or first tier suppliers, then allied nations as second tier and hostile ones last.


Hmm.... this is sounding better and better all the time.

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There will be more details about this as we get closer to release date.


There is a lot of speculation now, and I think that your questions will be better answered after we are out of in-house Alpha stages. Heck, some of the rules I have may not survive alpha (it was that way with Warlord), so I had best just not say, until we get to beta, and then just clarifying your questions about the existing beta rules set. I hate to think that I am fueling unnecessary contorversy, and I realize that I am. That is bad for my image, and bad for Reaper.


But, I have been very excited about what I have seen, so I do want to try and keep this as positive a change as possible.

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