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Pearlized or colored metallics?


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I recently experimented with some Art Deco metallics in green. I like how it looks for armor, and bug carapaces, but didn’t really enjoy the paint itself, having used only hobby paints to this point. I suspect it’s more pearlized than metallic. Are there any hobby paints that give a similar effect in a good range of colors? I’d like to try a red metallic dragon next.

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For reasons I don't pretend to understand, *real* metallic red is difficult to find in craft stores. It always seems too pink or too orange. But you can blend together several metallic shades to create nice gradients if that's a thing you're interested in for the dragon. Here's an example: DSCN5122.thumb.JPG.c9de41234320efc2f6599096df35518e.JPG

This was GW Screaming Bell-->ArtDeco metallic red-->ArtDeco raspberry-->ArtDeco Amethyst.   

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I typically use Vallejo Metal Medium mixed with inks and paints to make colored metallics. I've also used colored inks over metallics, but that hasn't worked all that well.


Shoshie (from the Lanterns Light KD:M facebook group) recommends and uses Jacquard Lumiere metallic and pearlescent paints when she needs colored metallics (search Amazon for Jacquard Lumiere Exciter Pack). You can see them in action here in her stream. She talks about them and other metallic paints at around the 15 minute mark and various points after. I just ordered the Exciter pack, but haven't gotten them yet. That pack has 3 different kinds of paints in the set: metallic, pearlescent & halo. From what I understand, the paints listed as "halo" colors have a slight metallic color shift effect. Could be wrong though. Shoshie mentions it at the 26:28 mark. They're cheap enough at less than $1.50 per bottle in the pack for me to take a chance on. Got them to paint creepy crawlies.


The Exciter pack has: Halo Pink Gold; Halo Blue Gold; Halo Violet Gold; Pearlescent Turquoise; Pearlescent Green; Pearlescent Magenta; Metallic Russet; Metallic Pewter; Metallic Sunset Gold


Jacquard Lumiere has additional colored metallics & pearls in their Neopaque Pack. They may be worth a look, too.


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Some great leads here, thanks everybody. I’m particularly interested in the Vallejo metal medium, as it would give me the greatest flexibility. Has anyone used it as a wash? Will be looking into all these for future reference. 

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Metallic paints and metal medium have generally been unsuitable to use as a wash, at least for me. The metallic flake makes thinning them tricky. A tiny bit of water, gloss sealer, wash medium or thinner medium has worked for me with some metallics, but most work best un-thinned. I don't even put metallic paint on my wet palette. You just don't want to use a matte medium as that can dull the metallic shine. Some painters even use gloss medium or gloss sealer to thin down the normal paints they use for washes or the metal shadows. It keeps the shine going on all the colors used on metal that are not rust or dust effects.


Darkstar makes a specific metallic thinner that I have heard can be used to make their Molten Metal paints work a bit like a glaze. I've heard good things about their metallic paint line but haven't tried them.


Of course we all know using a wash over metallic paints works beautifully.

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I love Vallejo's metallic medium. It is a lovely bright white metallic. I have not used it as a wash, but usually use it as a highlight for shaded metallics or for painting scratches in metal. It is kind of transparent on it's own, so it picks up some of the color of whatever is underneath.


If I was going to do a wash with it, I would thin it to where I want it and use it right away to avoid too much of the metallic flake settling out. If you just want colored metallic paint, I would mix it with something bright and highly pigmented such as inks or reaper's clears. You can also use it straight to paint over a flat colored base coat if you want a tinted silver color. 


My new favorite metallics are greenstuff world's color shift paints. One thin layer and you get one shiny color. Multiple layers bring out the color shift qualities. They mix well with each other. You can layer different colors on top of one another to get cool effects. And their ability to remain in suspension, even thinned on a wet pallet, boarders on magical. 

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I think I meant glaze, rather than wash. Mixed up my terms; I was only on my first cuppa.  It sounds like there are several possibilities for a glaze. It’s very difficult for me to do dry brushing with metallics because I live in the desert, and by the time I get the brush wiped off enough and to the mini, it’s dried up. 

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      Picked this beauty up cheap a year ago as a FLGS was liquidating some old stock. Now, I have time and a better understanding of some skills. And my love of metallics is a matter of public record. 

      Here's my start on the body: ArmyPainter Rough Iron above, DecoArt Rich Espresso brass on the sides, DecoArt Worn Penny copper below. I'll paint the smokestacks and dorsal engine in steel colors. The legs I'm still working out, but they will probably have much the same metals. I'm trying to avoid golds on this. 

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      Finished this today, Reaper Black Bones Bathalian Centurion. A really nice, clean model, not a lot of clean up needed before painting. I primed with Reaper black. The darkest red I found was Reaper Ruby Red, still a bit on the raspberry side, but added a touch of black and it toned down nicely. Other metallics from the Scale75 copper set. This model has already gleaned a couple of ‘scary!’ accolades. Bad dude!

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      Hi, i am a slow painter, so even if i started some time ago, i am just paiting my first full body armor miniature (seelah paladin on bones). I bought several Reaper metallics and some also came with the learn to paint kit i bought too, and ALL of them have issues. First they tend to dry too fast even on wet pallete, also i stirred them with a drink stirrer, but still paiting with them is a pain , specially compared to the P3 metallics, which i bought some time ago as i heard very good things about them. Well my question is this, is it normal that the RP metallics have this bad coverage, and issues like drying too fast and horrible brushtrokes (i try to dilute them, but as always, water is an enemy of metallics , also try to spread small quantities of undiluted paint, also dont work), or its just a very bad batch? 
      If so , how can i save them? They work, its just that they work bad IMO. If its not possible for me to save them, do you know if i can ask preplacements from Reaper? I wrote them some weeks ago but nobody answered me. This issue buggers me as i live in Bolivia south america, here Reaper is not available anywhere, i made my part importing them to my country, and they dont work so i am a sad panda :(
      Thanks pals
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      So here are a couple of candelabra from The Altar of Evil w Victim. More Dungeon dressing stuff for our Pathfinder Game...
      Done with primarily Scale 75 metallics, but the base of the stick itself is a metallic blue Reaper sample paint I got some time ago.
      It blended very well with the Scale colors to darken and lighten while staying with metallic colors.
      It is difficult to see, but I tried to copy the colors for the candle flame from the reference post by Cranky Dog.
      I tried to do some fine brown ink lines instead of the usual white/yellow/orange/red... It might not have been the best place for it, but I like it, and its done...
      The Base is a washer with Apoxie sculpt cobbles...
      It was very difficult to photograph, so sorry in advance for the pics...

      Thanks for looking!
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      Today I finished up another PC for the current D&D campaign we’re playing. This one is for a friend and the scheme is his choosing. He’s a cleric of Pelor. The base is a ruins base from Micro Art (I think?). The cloak’s symbol is supposed to be like this:

      This is the symbol of the deity, “Pelor” in D&D (strictly fictional). I attempted to free paint this on the cloak, as was asked by my friend. It’s not as bad as I thought it would come out I’m pretty happy. Enjoy!

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