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A Catgirl Pirate: Das Schwarze Auge 15503C Nyamaunir Piratin


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This mini inspired an NPC in my Exalted in World of Darkness campaign:  Lunar Werelynx who is captain of a pirate ship in the Hollow Earth.  The PCs met her at the end of the last adventure and she's now conveying them (at their request) to an extremely dangerous place for adventuring purposes.


Somehow, Pingo's minis keep inspiring me to make my games riskier for the PCs (including her).

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19 hours ago, Motherofdungeonmaster said:

You really did well with the area around her mouth and nose.  That is tough to do but essential for making her a cat.  Did you add the white splotches to her hat or was that in the orginal designs.  I like the hat/ scarf.


Thank you. I like drawing cat faces.


The original head kerchief is smooth and plain (well, wrinkled ... but not patterned). I originally had some mad thought of paisley but I think the white border and spots on red work okay at this scale.

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