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Locked Horns last night!! "AGCL!!!"


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Locked Horns last night!! "AGCL!!!"


"AGCL" = "Adventurer's Guild CAV League"


The Match ups:

SuMicus vs. Erion

KAMUT vs. Silent John


Mission Basically was:

Defenders, fend off Attackers, At all cost Protect the Structures, (Which was all farm buildings and Farm land)

Attackers, destroy all Farming Structures, and anything else was a Bonus, for victory points...


Needed Sections:

1 Section of CAVs

1 Section of Transports and Infantry

1 Section of Ground Vehicles and/or Tanks


Points Cap was 2,500 Points


In my game against Erion, I was the Pillagers...

Erion had the honors of fending off my rabid CAVs...


I fielded:

1 Dictator 70, which was piloted by my XO.

2 Dictators, with Vet Pilots in them.

1 Starhawk V, I should have stayed with my original Pick, a Puma... But things happen...


2 Hedgehogs

2 Hvy Inf. w/ HvyWpns


4 Lance Tanks, decent tank, (Being they are my 1st...


Erion fielded____________________, (Left Blank for him...)


Well, the game started and I felt his hard hitting Vehicles and Tanks... I thought CAVs did some damage... They (the CAVs) weren't messing me up as much as the Little Fellas were... I concentrated all weapons on the enemy CAVs and the Little guys tore me a new butt...


Well, seeing my forces slowly disappearing, I decided I needed to fulfill the Mission the best I could...

I basically moved my Inf and APCs into a forward position, hiding in behind hills.. I popped out and shooting at the largest Building, and taking it down in structure points...

His mortar teams, then laid into my Infantry.


Splash damage hurts as much as taking full brunt of a CAV's main guns...

OUCH!!!! Killing 1 Hedgehog and 2 Bases of Hvy Inf...


I now was losing everything I placed on the battle field...


The last Hedgehog, was by its self, taking out the Farm Structures...


The game ended...


All I had left was that Lone Hedgehog...

3 out of the 4 Structures were destroyed.. The Out House was the only thing that survived...


Most of Erion's forces were still alive...

When the Victory Points were handed out... it was a close game... I lost by 800-1000 points...




Add where needed ladies..

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Top Posters In This Topic

My forces consisted of;


Firehawk Alpha



Duelist (love his long-lasting ECCM)

Falcon (For Rearguard)


Firehawk Beta






Firehawk Gamma

Fenri w/ECCM

Fenri W/Chain Lock, +1WSO

Infantry w/ 2x Hvy Mortar

Infantry w/ 2x Hvy Mortar


It was just a few points shy of the limit.


Figuring that the best defense was a good offense I brought the fight right out to Sum with the big boys, and left the tanks, Falcon and Infantry to defend the Farmstead. Having the Fenri with the ECCM let me get TL bonuses where I needed them Most, and the ECCM on the Duelist just keeps sticking around once you get it in the thick of things. I think almost every TL Attempt I made in the last two turns was able to take advantage of one of those two pods.


Lessons Learned:

2xHvy Mortar Infantry are NASTY.


Sabres make great clean-up models. I may get another blister so I can field a full section of them. Those little buggers chew through previously damaged CAV's like nobody's business


ECCM is your best friend.


This was easily the most fun game of CAV I've had in quite a while. The soft target buildings were easy pickings once Sum got his infantry within 18" for the FA-45's to chew them up. He Picked up 800 victory points in one section activation, so I figured the buidlings were a loss and decided to take out as much of his stuff as I could to even out the points gap. Not Very heroic, I know.

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Nice game. Thanks for the battle report.


You know, if that was my farm they were fighting over I would have modified my equipment a bit to fight back. That sounds like a Great Idea! Just think about it, a tractor CAVs with a combine on the front and some jury-rigged guns, big cool tree cutting arms, AwEsOmE! The JoR3 just HAS to have farm-CAVs! :poke:::P::lol:

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hey all I know is, my Regent toasted a barnyard with the MT64L and my Cherokee Rangers got a few good steaks out of it.....





"A Paycheck and a Hot Juicey Steak!!"

"What more could a Hired Gun want???"


"The Cattle I killed, I guess fed the enemy Forces. After I did want I came to do... I had to escape.. Leaving all the Possible Butchering meat for Erion's Crews... BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

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Yeah, but you had an APC with nothing else to carry.


Wussy.    ^_^


"No you didn't... OMG, You didn't just sell some Smack to me... Did YOU??!!"



Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Looks like we might have some serious Grudges to settle soon...


But everyone loves talking crap to me... Just to edge me on!!

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Silly question I know, but you didn't put those mortar armed inf in the Fenri did you?


Sumicus, you deversed to get beaten down. You passed up Manti for Dictators. heck, I'd beat you down just for that :oP


Sounds like a good one though. Erion, scenario info would be appreciated (table layout etc). And where in the name oft he Great Ogre did you get n-scale cows?!? :o)

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