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Trailblazer Game Stamps

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Game Stamps are a map-making tool for role-playing games, which can be used right at the table as you play.

The Trailblazer stamps depict iconic terrain such as mountains, forests, or seas.


Whether you're preparing for a campaign or mapping the adventure as it unfolds, the stamps let you create attractive paper and ink maps in a fraction of the time it would take to draw them.


All of the artwork is compatible with 1" hexes and grids, making the stamps ideal for open-world games.

Stamp each hex as the players explore it, or pass the stamps around the table and create a shared world. No matter how many people contribute to it or how many sessions it takes to explore it, the map will be detailed and consistent.


Game Stamps are made of natural gum rubber, deeply etched to produce a high quality image. The rubber is precisely trimmed to avoid artifacts, and cushioned with thick foam to distribute pressure evenly, improving the quality of the impression. The hardwood mounts have an hourglass profile, making them easy to grip.

Each set comes in a cushioned chipboard box and includes an archival-quality ink pad.


A wonderful addition to the toolkit of any game group with a penchant for exploration. Whether you're creating a world ahead of time or improvising a hexcrawl on the spot, Brendan Day's Game Stamps will help you create a handcrafted map with speed and clarity. ~ Jason Lutes, author of The Perilous Wilds and Berlin.

Game Stamps are a great idea executed well. They're a welcome addition to my gaming library. I can't wait to see more! ~ Tony Dowler, author of How to Host a Dungeon.

Whether we use high quality pens and papers, or just scribble on the nearest scrap of paper, map making is one of the many hobbies within a hobby, that are part of being a gamer. When it comes to maps for fantasy games, there is an artistic quality to homemade one of a kind maps, that cannot be equaled. Game Stamps really do have that handmade look and feel. ~ Griffith Morgan, Co-Director of Secrets of Blackmoor: The True History of Dungeons and Dragons.


The Trailblazer stamps depict the following terrain:

  • Mountains
  • Hills
  • Grassland
  • Swamp
  • Forest (Deciduous)
  • Forest (Conifer) 
  • Sea
  • Desert
  • Tower
  • Village
  • Castle or Walled City
  • Megalith or Dungeon Entrance 

If you back at the Wanderer or Explorer level, you will receive a starter set containing 6 or 9 stamps.


The Wanderer level lets you choose either the Deciduous or Conifer forest, whereas the Explorer level includes both of the forest designs. 

If you back at the Adventurer, Wayfinder, or Cartographer level, you will receive all of the designs.


The Wayfinder and Cartographer levels include 3 additional stamps, which depict individual trees.

  • 1/2" Tree (Deciduous)
  • 1/2" Tree (Conifer)
  • 1/2" Tree (Leafless)

You can use these smaller stamps to create mixed terrain such as forested hills, or to add variety to large sections of woodland.

All sets include a jet black archival-quality ink pad, but if you back at the Cartographer level, you will receive three additional ink pads in colors of your choice. I recommend Cobalt Blue and Vermillion Red, but other colors are available.


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These are pretty unique.  I've seen a lot of digital map making tools, but nothing quite so simple and low tech.

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8 minutes ago, Clearman said:

These are pretty unique.  I've seen a lot of digital map making tools, but nothing quite so simple and low tech.

Right! I draw my own maps up in the journal I use for running my homebrew game; these stamps will absolutely cut down on the time it takes me, while giving me some creative flexibility. 


If I want to denote really dense forest, I could use the forest stamp overlapping on certain regions, etc. I wish I didn't have to wait until October (yes, I know it'll delay :lol:)

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Well wayfarer was just too tempting, and I liked the stretch goal stamps, so I pulled the trigger on the $48 dollar pledge (I can always get more stamp ink pads later hehe), added $3 for the extra stamp and added shipping. I don't think $56.00 is so bad for a nice mapping stamp set.

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Yeah, he's frozen existing pledges too so that backers can't increase their pledges to add more stamps. The KS has done amazing and he wants to be able to fulfill all the rewards on time since he's doing the assembly himself!! Major respect from me for his conservative approach. 

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Completely understandable.  A little frustrating, this is all about me, after all.  


But I've gone ahead and signed up for updates.  We'll see whether or not my funds and other timing works out.  I hope it will.

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