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12 hours ago, Adrift said:

I got my shipping email back on 12/10 but still don’t have the book. 


I had the shipping notice on a Wednesday, and the book on the following Wednesday.  It came by some sort of international priority mail. With the package situation getting ever more backed up, you’re not that much later yet.  Fingers crossed...


I’m about a third of the way in;  it reminds me favorably of the old GW red-covered scenery book, but is much more thorough.  I’m not sure how much of this I’m going to end up using going forward, as a lot of my scenery needs to go toward the “functional” point on Mel’s triangle of design, but it’s inspiring.

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I’m going to assume I won’t have my copy before the new year. I ordered some gift cards for the patient care techs at my hospital at it took 22 days for them to finally arrive, yesterday. By the same logic I won’t have my book before January. 

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I never received a shipping notice, nor have I received my books yet.





Just received notice from UPS of a package from Warlord Games that is scheduled for delivery on 1/13/21 (Wed).

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