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Last Sword The Jungle's Awakening

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5 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Oooh, those look nice.  God thing @Glitterwolf's backlog is twenty twenties! 


It is...stuffed with lizards among other things.

But these look...good....I might take a look at it when it goes live

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11 hours ago, Adrift said:

The eyes need to be more front facing IMO. They're too far onto the side of the head. 


I dunno, most reptiles have their eyes at the sides.


I do like the dynamic look of that regiment.

Since i pledged heavy in the Cuetzpal KS I might not need regiments.

I will look at it when it goes live, maybe cherrypick a few characters or monsters.

I'm interested in what they wil come up with.

Maybe they will have a medium/big scale quetzocoatl monster, I could use that, the Cuetzpal one was too huge.



I did check out their current website.

The current range looks good, albeit a bit expensive.

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Those do look nice, but maybe a bit blocky.  Also, the scales seem more "implied" than sculpted to me.  We'll see how it goes, but first impression is that I will be much more likely to pledge on the upcoming Greebo lizards.

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Welcome to our first Lizarmen 32mm miniatures project. It is a pleasure to be back on Kickstarter after our succesfully Reichguard Knights, Elven Lords and Dragon's Roar campaigns.

The Jungle's Awakening models are compatible with most 28mm-32mm fantasy miniature games. Futhermore, we are also collaborating with The 9th Age project and the models for our Jungle's Awakening Kickstarter can also be used for their Saurian Ancients faction. You can download for FREE both The 9th Age rules and Saurian Ancients Army Book.

  • The Kickstarter campaign: March 18th - March 31srt. Campaign will be open on Kickstarter and everyone will have the chance to become a backer and support us.
  • Waiting for Kickstarter: April 1rst - April 14th. The campaign is closed. Kickstarter will take this time to collect payments from backers. They will send us a list with all backer's details name, email and contribution.
  • Working on the Late Pledge Manager: April 15th - April 21srt. We have our own website where all backers will be provided with a personal customer account in our own website will have a customer account. Kickstarter contributions will be added as funds and backers will use them in the following phase.
  • Collecting Orders: May 21srt -  May 30th. Backers will have an access to our Pledge Manager Online Store. All campaign Pledges, Add-ons, stretch goals and extras will be available there. Backers will be able to modify their Pledges, increase their contributions, calculate shipping fees and proceed to their payment. Kickstarter contributions will be Discounted from order's total amount. Furthermore all LastSword Miniatures catalog will be added to the Pledge Manager Online Store giving the opportunity of saving money in the shipping costs.
  • Checking, counting and manufacturing orders: April 21srt - October 31srt. We will be checking all orders from the first day, confirming that backers had taken the best deal and adding all missing Strech Goals. As soon as we have approximately 60% of the orders we can start to manufacturing miniatures and scenery. Some of our suppliers will be on holidays along June, July, August and September so we can experience some delays.
  • Packing orders and sending parcels: from the 1rst of November to the 31th of December. Packing orders takes a lot of time and issues most be resolved. As soon as we have a big number of parcels ready, we going to send them. Tracking information will be provide, so backers can follow their parcels at: www.17track.net
  •  Messages of congratulations  and claims: As soon backers receive their parcels they must check it. Any question or concerns can be send to: [email protected] . Be sure to tag us on social mediawith your models.

We are going to send parcels as soon as possible,  so shipping dates may adjust accordingly.


We have some exciting stretch goals in store so we look forward to share these as they unlock with the community.

For that reason we recomend:

  •  Do not miss the Early birds. You can take any pledge with a great disscount but the deal is  even better if you take one of the early birds.
  •  Choose the higher pledge. If you are thinking about to take one of two differents Pleges, take the higher for two reason. Probably the deals are better and others backers will trust on us if they see that backers contributios are high, that its means, more stretch goals for you too. 
  •  Ask. If you are not sure about something, do not be shy and write a comment with your question, we will reply to you as soon as possible. Furthermore you will be helping more people with the same doubt. Anyway, our email is always available: [email protected] .
  •  Sharing, comment and like. We are nothing without you guys. Honestly, we need to spread the campaign all over the world, but we can not do it alone. For that reason, each sharing, like and comment are welcome and very helpfully for us, along the campign and after it.

Thank you for coming to see our work.


"It was a long travel along the sea through the storms and fighting agains emerged abysmal creatures, but finally we landfalled in a white sand beach with crystal clear waters. The jungle trees were 600 feets away and the sun brighted in the sky.

We were there. An unknown continent was waiting to be discovered for us. Who knew what treasures we could find. And after take it, wealth, honor and fame will be waiting for us at home.

Temperature was high as at desert and the humidity was killings us. After to leave the beach, some men fainted before to arrive to the hill base. Once on the top, we could see the sea behind and miles and miles of jungle in front of us.

A jungle full  of colors, full of mosquitos, full of roots to fail, fool of snakes to be bitten. Even we rescued one of the men who was eaten by a carnovorous plant. It was nearly to kill him ... and full of sounds.

There is not sky there, no a blue sky. Onces we left the hilltop the sky became green, dark green. You can not see the sun, so we lost our way, where was the east? what time was it? There you start to know nothing, as any northern man...

When all sounds dissapear, you can feel it. The coldest sweat drop running down your back. You know that something is not running good... and then the dance begins with a bloodcurdling roar..."

- Hearing unbelievable stories by a blind, lame and one-handed fortune soldier in a tavern.


Check the pledges and select the one who is better for you. If the Pledge  does not contain all items that you like, all them are avariable as Add ons. To take a Pledge and Add ons increase the ammount of your selected Pledge with the sum of add ons value before to place your contribution.

Remember that you can change your contribution as many times as you need before the campaign finish. Pledge and Add ons can be change in the Late Pledge Manager phase, but contributions can come down.

The Jungle's awaneking miniatures are organizated in severals Pledges. After backers recieve their parcels, all miniatures will be avariable at LastSword.com but we are offering a discount to kickstarter backers. Furthermore these discounts are higher if you select an Early bird. Take your time and choose wisely.

1€ Only Add ons.

This Pledge is designed for backers who do not want any of our packs listed under. 

If you want to take a few Add ons, just sum the total amount of them and support to us.

Ancient's Detachment

"We could feeling their eyes looking at us, hidden in the trees".


Ancient's Cohort

"Something was moving next to us, we could heard their breath".


Save 14€ with your Cohort or 26€ with the Cohort Early Bird!

Ancient's Legion

"I have never saw a force like that and I am still wondering why it does not seems the last that I see."


Save 23€ with your Legion or 47€ with the Legion Early Bird!

The awakening

"Jungle is not asleep, Jungle is waiting...".


Save 23€ with your Legion or 47€ with the Legion Early Bird! 

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I have taken a closer look.

Since I already will be getting almost the entire Cuetzpal Army and I see no monsters here that really tickle my fancy, I'm safe.

Edited by Glitterwolf
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Hi guys!

Thank you for open this Thread!

We first, I would like to say that this is our first Lizarmen Campaign and if everything runs good, we will do more of them. We would like to  launch a full army, but little by little.

About material, we cast in Plastic resing, have a look to the picture for more details.

Whatever that you need to ask or want to say, let us now here or in the campaign ;)

Thnak you!



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