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I don't think honest feedback and light-hearted ribbing is a problem! D&D monsters, particularly the older ones, are often goofy; many of them originated as jokes or as a way to use weird dime-store plastic toys unidentifiable as anything from Earth's present or prehistory. 


I've seen this guy painted in tropical macaw colors as a Parrotbear before, so you aren't alone. 

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3 hours ago, Motherofdungeonmaster said:

The birder in me thought the mini looked more like a crazed parrot than an owl, but I thought I did a good paint job camouflaging his beak and making it appear more owl like.


oops?  Am I not supposed make unfriendly comments about a Reaper mini on the Reaper forum site?  I obviously liked the mini enough to buy it.  I am new at this forum stuff and noted my rank is " mostly harmless " and I don't want to be down graded, or kicked out.




One of the conventions on these forums is to use Purple for anything said in jest.

Come on over to Randomness XV if you want to see the real Class Clowns in action.  The party may slow down but it never really stops.


Twinkle Twinkle

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Nobody will take offense as long as it isn't aggressive or mean.

I like the pose and shape of the new Owl Bear better than this one, it does look a bit psycho to me.

But you painted it well!


Good job!

And like GEM said, visit the Random Thread one day.


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