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Awesome, I had the same idea and ordered all the Christmas Dragons ( except the M.E.O.W. infiltrator) for that purpose, only I will use Kyphrixis.


Well done!

A wonderfull funny piece!

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1 hour ago, Kuroneko said:

Awesome! I love the colours, especially on the wings :winkthumbs: The helpful little cat-dragon is adorable as well.

Thanks, i'm so glad you like it!The cat dragon is adorable.  Captures the I want to be helpful just as I caizse the tree to fall over .  Much she's part of the family, we think she's adopted...



1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

Awesome, I had the same idea and ordered all the Christmas Dragons ( exceot the M.E.O.W. infiltrator) for that purpose, only I will use Kyphrixis.


Well done!

A wonderfull funny piece!

Thank you, i'm glad you lile it! You were my inspiration for the piece.  I had ordered the little dragons at the same time you mentioned your plans and the idea was born!  I chose Blightfang for the mommy after I noticed that her scales were all different leaf patterns and she had a very motherly grin.

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8 hours ago, Corsair said:

That turned out so well, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting this, it encourages me to try something similar. Maybe we could do a Christmas Dragon thread.

Thank you!  Little vignettes can showcase a lot in a little space and can help you see new sides to the sculpts.  In this case the little dragons have puppy dog like expressions and the cat dragon has classic cat mix of wonder and mayhem you need in every kitten.


6 hours ago, Inarah said:

That is so sweet!

Thank you.  I really like how it turned out

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On 3/18/2019 at 9:35 AM, Iridil said:

Wonderful colors on blightfang - Love her! This is such a great scene and use of the Christmas dragons! Never too early for holiday cheer :)

Thanks!  I had a great time painting her.  It's always fun when you discover something youndont expect in a mini while you are painting it.  The leaf shaped scales were quite a surprise and led to the color scheme I went with.

On 3/18/2019 at 11:29 AM, Shadowphaze said:

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Well done.

I really appreciate that!  Thank you 

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    • By Samedi
      I love doing WIPs. And I've got a lot projects I should finish 😊. And since there is still no progress with Barros and Tempest (this time because I'm still waiting for a new base to be shipped), why not start something new?
      I've yet to paint my first dragon, so I'll use this opportunity to do it. I confess, I'm cheating a bit here, since I'm going to paint the white dragon by Dark Sword Minis - that's a very small dragon. But still, he's got wings and teeth and claws and scales, so definitely a dragon, yessir!
      I absolutely love this mini. I bought it many years ago, but the horns went missing. Fortunately, when I ordered some more minis from Dark Sword a while ago, I was able to order some spare horns, so now I'm good to go.
      Here he is, assembled and prepped:

      Now I have to decide on a paint scheme, which I can't bring myself to do. There are three ideas I have at the moment:
      paint him up as an ice dragon. I'm thinking white with pinkish/greenish undertones and a base made with transparent crackle paint. There was a very cool version of an Ice Dragon a while ago on this forum, but I can't seem to find it any more.  paint him up as a star dragon using the technique I learned at RVE in Kevin Holderny's class. I used it on a coat so far, maybe it looks very cool on the dragon's wings. paint him up as a real world snake. Now there are so many possibilities...  
      Decisions, decisions...

      Some more work on the base.
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      I just finished her a couple of days ago, always wanted to paint her but never gotten around to it until now.

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      He was a leftover from a group of pathfinder mini's I primed but forgot to finish from my last posting.

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      It is Orctober, my dudes.
      First up, the Dungeon Dwellers Orcs of the Ragged Wound Tribe






      And Goblins are just little Orcs, right?  What better way to celebrate Orctober than little Orcs?


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