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Dunkeldorf---28mm Fantasy Towsfolk

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Townspeople with a Warhammer Fantasy RPG feel to them:





Dunkeldorf Miniatures - 28mm Townsfolk Miniatures

Welcome to Dunkeldorf! A dark and grim fantasy town filled with sinister characters, but also a few good-hearted ones too! Our kickstarter focuses on these characterful townsfolk that will fit right into any fantasy RPG or tabletop setting, either as heroes, player characters or NPCs!     


Meet the Dunkeldorf Townsfolk

Each of the Dunkeldorfians have their own background story along with detailed artwork. Below you can see artwork of the 12 townsfolk included in the full set of miniatures! 

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Thanks Spodi & Pineapple!  redambrosia, baby stuff does sound a lot more important than miniatures :)    Here's a couple of pictures of some of the sculpted accessories along with a s

Must not be a nice town... they all look grumpy af!

And finished! Thanks to all of you here on the forum who supported us, showed interest or gave feedback - To those who missed the opportunity, we will be launching our Pledge Manager in about 2 weeks

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1 hour ago, redambrosia said:

Must not be a nice town... they all look grumpy af!


28 minutes ago, lexomatic said:

I thought these had character but quite pricey


Yeah. I’m not sure what it is, but these don’t quite hit the mark for me.

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4 hours ago, Darsc Zacal said:



Yeah. I’m not sure what it is, but these don’t quite hit the mark for me.


Same. Fine idea but they all are thoroughly uninteresting, both in concept art and sculpt execution. Not sure why, but there isn't an allure, and I do have a need for NPCs in general. 

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I feel like these would all look best painted in dark, drab colours. As though they were all living in some  grimdark town where there's no joy. The innkeeper still tries to be cheery, but he's fairly new to the town and his spirit hasn't been crushed yet. 


I particularly like the scowly blacksmith. She looks ready to pummel the next idiot who asks for a discount on his horse being shod.

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Hey folks! I was just made aware of this post and thought I would drop in with a reply, being behind the Kickstarter and all! :P  - Thanks for posting Chaoswolf, much appreciated :) 

The whole idea behind the project is to have a town with a bunch of stories and characters that will eventually turn into an RPG sourcebook, that can be used for different RPG fantasy systems. So as a DM you have a ready-made town with miniatures to follow. 

And yes, it's meant to be a bit of a dark story/setting! Those who are familiar with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay will probably recognize that as a general theme ;)


Our goal was to make non-generic townsfolk with as much character as possible. An example is the scowly blacksmith as redambrosia mentioned, she has a "Leg brace" , due to an injury she sustained in combat.
We tried to add these little touches to give the miniatures more character and to incorporate their background story. 


Owning a hobby store myself (And selling Reaper miniatures) I do think the price is pretty fair (We can't go any lower at least, as a small company) - If going for the full set you currently get 15 miniatures, so a little less than 5 USD per miniature. And then you also get quite a lot of free accessories too :) 


Wanted to show a couple more pictures from the campaign to anyone interested!




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No problem!

I kind of like the look of some of them specifically because they don't look all happy and cheerful. Check out the Burgomaister---he's definitely up to something!

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Good to hear! The good thing about miniatures is that you can easily paint them slightly different, so if you want the Burgomeister looking happy it is actually possible! (Tried and tested) 
And yes, that guy is definitely up to something ;) 


We recently showed a bit of artwork of him sitting at his desk (Included below). It's an homage to an awesome RPG book from the mid 80's called Shadows over Bogenhafen. 





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