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Dunkeldorf---28mm Fantasy Towsfolk

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Thanks Spodi & Pineapple! 

redambrosia, baby stuff does sound a lot more important than miniatures :) 


Here's a couple of pictures of some of the sculpted accessories along with a size comparison of the woodcutter next to the chopping block. What I'm particularly proud of with our project is that everything is hand sculpted, so the sculpted miniatures and accessories are 100% what our backers will get - Even though our sculptor has expressed a few times that the digital route would have made his life a lot easier  (He does both) :P 





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@ King Games


You should do more Large pics like this or slightly bigger.  I had no interest the Bertha mini till I saw this larger pic showing all the details.



55 minutes ago, King Games said:

I've actually just posted an update with a painted version of it! It's a pretty huge cat, named "Bull" :P 





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I do like the accessories more. I haven't seen those around, and they'd be handy to have.

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@Ratmaster2000 - Yes! It has been unlocked, Stretch Goals will be updated tomorrow! Along with a new cat being added as a Stretch Goal :) 


Cool that you're more interested in the Bertha mini after seeing it in a larger pic, kodiakbear - We try to get some larger pictures in the campaign updates, so they don't clutter too much on the campaign page, we have an "okay sized" picture of 6 of the painted miniatures, as seen below, on the campaign page.

I think we'll update the campaign page with some new pictures and such when we're nearing the campaign end, to show some extra stuff  to those who are still on the fence :) - I'll make sure to add some larger photos of the miniatures!


Glad to hear that you like the accessories Cyradis, too bad you don't like the miniatures much, but these things are of course subjective. :) 



Two pictures of the finished sculpts of "The Old Crone" and the  butcher "Gowak" - These are 2 of the free miniatures that have been unlocked as Stretch Goals :) 





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@Pineapple - Posted them a little while ago. But here they are as well! :)
Ludmilla's cat "Colette" the complete opposite of Bull the cat. And a new miniature, the Burgomeister's manservant "Linus Witzner". The picture doesn't show it, but he's holding a ring of keys in the hand behind his back. 



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A little update from our campaign! The second cat has been unlocked and Linus Witzner is almost unlocked as well which will result in a total of 17 miniatures if pledging for the full set :) 

Here's what you're currently getting with the Noble Pledge

  • 16 Miniatures (4 added for free through Stretch Goals)
  • 3 Animals (2 Cats & 1 Dog)
  • 7 Accessories (Chopping Block, Lockbox, Anvil, Feast, Wiener Barrel, Surgeon Bag & Cauldron)
  • 5 Weapons (Throwing Axe, Dagger, Rapier, Zweihander & Cleaver)
  • 12 Miniature Posters

A couple of pictures below, the first one is a little scene of the town's barber surgeon "Günther" having fixed up Bertha the ratcatcher's cat "Bull". (You can see where all the accessories are from in the Kickstarter update right here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kinggames/dunkeldorf-28mm-fantasy-rpg-townsfolk-miniatures/posts/2457994 )

The second picture shows resin copies of Eva, Ludmilla and Haelga, these will be used for painted examples of the miniatures :) 




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Glad to hear @Pineapple! 17 miniatures included in the full set now, along with all the other stuff :) - Hehe, great idea, he does fit the criterias of a pirate's pet :D 

The Bailiff has just been painted up as seen below (Fun fact now that we're on the Reaper forum, she was painted with 90% Reaper paints), and then WIP pictures of the Ogre Bouncer (This one's an add-on)


Latest update from the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kinggames/dunkeldorf-28mm-fantasy-rpg-townsfolk-miniatures/posts/2461835 



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Pulled the trigger on the villager pledge, then plan to upgrade in the PM when I can go noble:) Great looking mini's and accessories! Cannot wait for July to come:)

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