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Froggy the Great

BOHICA v2 PUBLIC BETA (1-sheet starship combat, based on FUBAR v5)

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BOHICA v2, the fleet-scale starship minis game based on the tried and true 2-pg FUBAR scifi platoon game, is now in OPEN BETA.  Feel free to share anywhere, join the Facebook group, and direct interested folks back to the FB group.




• Feels like Full Thrust, but way faster.
• Can handle huge fleets.
• Rules never exceed two sides of one sheet of paper.
• Game uses only d6.
• Minimal custom templates required.
• Minimal bookkeeping.
• Player only needs 1-sheet rules and their fleet roster.
• Force creation possible in time before game – scribble stats, assign points.
• Rules are clear enough to play as written with few loopholes.
• Plausibility: 2+2=4 for in-universe defined values of 2. And 4.

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