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Almaran the Gold (Zandar)

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Welcome to the forum!


Nice job!

As for bases. just glue him to a base of your choice.

You could remove the broccoli base or leave it on.

If you leave it on, hiding it is just a matter of some PVA and flock/sand.


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Nice work on the flames!


Basing can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.  If you want visuals, there are lots of great tutorials on YouTube ranging from the basic to the very detailed.  Unless I need to change the character's setting I usually don't bother cutting away the built-in base.  I usually just glue the figure onto a plastic base and do one of two things:


1) If the character is sculpted on some kind of rocky terrain or ruins that can logically be a bit above ground level I just glue some flock or static grass down on the base if I want to keep it simple.

2) If the character is sculpted on a base that seems to be more like generic ground and less like a rocky outcrop I glue the figure down, and then use green stuff to erase the height difference between the plastic base and the figure's built in base.  Then I paint and glue down whatever other accents I need to fit the terrain.


If I particularly want the character to look like they're indoors then I usually need to cut or file away the integral base, sculpt a floor onto a plastic base, paint it, and then glue the figure to it.

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Nice effects on the sword. And that old paladin? I think I have some of his compatriots in my box of oldies. 

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    • By Vytau
      A few weeks ago I posted my Paladin (Essach Stonebreaker) converted from a bones Duke Gerard miniature.  This is that same character, but advanced to more heroic levels (we'll see if he actually lives that long in this campaign lol).  
      Presenting Duke Gerard in metal, converted to hold a mace / morningstar / scepter from the "Good" weapons pack from Bones III. 
      Like:  First attempt doing anything like the landscape on the shield.  Generally good depth of color.  Got the face much, much better than on the plastic version (part of that is thanks to the sculpt though...better detail). Better management of blonde hair on a pale face, which is tough since that risks being very low-contrast (and by proxy, low-interest).  Better at abutting color - I'm still too reliant on black lining for my line work, which leads to deep shadowing...not always a great look. 

      Needs work:  Smooth lines, patience...I'm not painting at tabletop speed or anything, but I'm probably still working too quickly to accomplish show-worthy painting.  Looks great at arms length, but I can notice the hell out of flaws, lumps, and bumps as I get closer.   

      Still, it's a step forward for me.  Additionally, I finally got a light box so I can improve the pictures just a wee bit!  In fact, the little white flecks on the substrate are from a previous mini photo shoot ( a white dragon, which I will post later).  My next goals are 1: to get better at slowing down and smoothing out my lines and 2: to work on my mini photography. 

      Anyhoo:  here's Duke Gerard, converted into my 5e Paladin of Lathander, Essach Stonebreaker! 


    • By Vytau
      Duke Gerard converted into my current D&D 5e character (a paladin of Lathander).  Generally happy, except for the face AND ALSO the highlighting on the shield came out too sharp on the black portion.  Will probably go back over it.  The head sculpt is...well...shallow detail and an offset cast.  I did what I could with it. Also put a little too much trust in the "fair skin" triad...low-contrast compared to other triads.  Had to go back with a flesh wash, repaint...got a little lumpy.  
      The rose-hewed cloak is for Lathander.  The red-black-gold shield is his family crest. Clipped off his sword and replaced with a mace from the weapons pack. 
      100% reaper paints including the steel triad, fair skin triad, gold triad, dragon red & flesh blood.  Black wash on the armor, sepia wash on the gold accents.  Hair is buckskin pale over leather brown.  Rose color is a combination of dragon red and khaki highlight. 
      This represents the character at level 5 or so.  Hoping he survives to 10, because I'm painting Duke Gerard in metal to represent a more advanced version of this character. 

    • By Inarah
      Some guy from the Kickstarter  project.  Cast in plastic, some of the detail was really sharp, some was not. The face was weird, I could not figure out if he was supposed to have a mustache or not.  Good enough for tabletop play. 

    • By jonaas33
      Wanted to try something different with this paladin looking fig.  I figured the most opposite thing of a paladin would be a drow warlock, so I just went from there.  I kept everything pretty simple, but spent a decent amount of time on the cloak and flaming sword.  Very happy with the results, comments and advice are always welcome!  Thanks in advance!

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