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Super Chibi Villians

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OK, Heroes Super Chibi Villains is now live! You can head over to Kickstarter via this link to check it out.




This Kickstarter is very special to us. It’s the first time we will be focusing on the evil side of the Super Chibi universe and it’s the first time that 95% of the character was designed and drawn by Brian “Natakue” Saunders himself.

We are also doing something different this time around to test interest. We have included a digital pledge this time around for the .stl files of the minis. This is for those of you out there who want to print your own minis. We know 3d printing Is an ever-growing market and well, we want to see if Super Chibi can be one of the items people want to print on their personal printers. You can also print these files from any company or retailer who provides printings services. Just to name a few there is Impact Miniatures, Shapeways and much more. Right now this is a Kickstarter only deal but if there is interest we will look into making this a standard pledge in all the upcoming Kickstarters and possibility adding this option to our online store.


So with that said we want to say thank you for supporting us and we will see you at the end of the Kickstarter.


Brian "Natakue" Saunders
#SuperChibi #MidknightHeroes #SCVillains


Core Characters:

Tynelli Dayvale






Nagisa, A CPOP Character




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I backed their last kickstarter for a few things and really like the figures. I'm not sure I'm into the 3 core minis this round, but the elf girl with the skull shield and the naga have my attention.

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Update 2

Posted by MidKnight Heroes (Creator)


NICE! OK, Heroes the Skeleton Warrior has been unlocked. AWESOME! So Who's next?

Dark Midknight!

Update 3


It looks like our Avatar has fallen to the forces of the dark. This is not good. Dark Midknight unlocks at $2,500.

WOW! This has been an awesome first day. We funded and now have unlocked two Stretch goals. This is amazing!

OK so now we have the RX-05 on deck. This little mech dude is our second "Monster" type and is from the world of Super Chibi S.E.E.D. He unlocks at $4,000 so spread the word and lets see if we can get him unlocked.



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OK, Heroes we did it. RX-05 is unlocked and included in all pledges. Now its time for Nageeta The Blood Viper. She is a naga assassin and is very good at her job. shes not fond of the fire elf's and taking out as many as she can isher goal. Nageeta unlocks at $5000.


Can we unlock her? Lets see. 

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OK, Heroes it was a bumpy right to this unlock but we did it! For now, Nageeta is unlocked and next up is Bombardment. We got over 40 hours to get to him can we do it?

* I say for now because she unlocked last night to but before I could post we had some backers back out to drop us. I have a feeling she will stay this time though.

OK, so next up we have Bombardment, our first S.E.E.D. I really hope we get to him, lets see if we can make that happen.


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At the $20 level backers get 7 chibis. I'm mostly interested in the naga and dark elf, which would be $14 for the pair. Bumping $6 to get another 5 figures is a no-brainer. Makes it less than $3 a figure. Can't beat that deal.

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23 minutes ago, Orlando_the_Technicoloured said:

4 or so hours to go

$87 needed to unlock the final mini (67 really as if it gets there i'll add on the broadside myself and tip us over)


so come on, pledge, you're getting excellent value with all the unlocks


Broke $6K. I added $35 for the two add-ons. 

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I do believe a certain band of evil chibis snuck over the border to Norway last night. 

Odds are that they'll conquer my postbox and declare it their lair tomorrow.



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although they  may have been on Brian's desk for packing recently so hopefully not too long now (unless they end up on a boat rather than a plane which USPS is apparently doing for some stuff now in which case I've still got a lot more waiting to do)


now had my official shipping notice (and warning that it may take a lot longer than normal in transit)

Edited by Orlando_the_Technicoloured

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