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NMM on a blade with the flat parallel to the ground

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I'm looking to do some NMM on a sword that has its flat parallel to the ground, or in other words, the flat is looking up to the sky, as if it was lying on the ground.  In addition, the sword has a middle section, so a curved edge to a flat middle to a curved edge. 


I was hoping to get some advice on how to do NMM on this pose of the sword, since most of my experience is edge up and without the middle section on the blade.


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Have you already primed the mini?  If not, is it metal?  If the mini is metal and unprimed, you can put it under a light to see how the sword reflects light.  (If you have another unprimed metal mini with a similar style of sword, you can use that mini instead.  You may have to rotate it so the flat is parallel to the ground.)


Alternatively, decide where your highlights and shadows should be on the upward-facing bevels.  Pick something that looks cool.  (Near but not quite at the tip might make sense.)  The highlights and shadows on the upward-facing flat will be the opposite of the upward-facing bevels (just like the downward-facing bevels).  And the highlights and shadows of the downward-facing flat will be the opposite of the downward-facing bevels.  (The rules are the same.  You're just dealing with a squashed hexagon rather than a squashed diamond.)

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