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Hey, kids:


Alright, as some of you long-time Forum Members know, I have the GW Mega Paint Set, and it is good. But what I want to know is if Reaper has a similiar 'Zen Pack': one with everything (I'm funny).


I'm mostly llooking for something with a nice discount, and I can pick up all the Reaper Pro Paints in one fell swoop, adding to my collection (and furthering the advancement of World Domination)


--Anyone know?



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So far as I know all they have at the moment is the starter kit. I don't know of any other set, nor have I seen one at my FLGS or on their site.


I've gotten all but ten of the colors they currently make anyway. They need more colors.





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www.milsims.com.au are running a special with all the currently in-stock Reaper paints in it. I don't know if they have a secure online order form, but I have dealt almost exclusively with them for about ten years and never had a problem of any kind.



Okay, so now I can't find the freakin' special. I was SURE it was there......

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