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3 hours ago, ced1106 said:


Mebbe has to be in French and won't fit.

I just found it kind of funny that Quebec was lumped in as a "country" that they wouldn't ship to.


I know things are different over there, but wouldn't quite call it a whole 'nother country, even if it feels like it at times! ::P:

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3 hours ago, redambrosia said:

I think "wildly successful" is the correct phrase for this...


42 minutes ago, HornedTurtle said:

I think it's a really good thing they decided not to do stretch goals or I could see this failing due to being too successful.


Which is actually making me hesitant to back (even though I WAAAANTS the Rogue kitteh). I've backed more than one KS that became a victim of its own success, and it's made me a bit iffy about wildly successful KS handled by an individual or very small company. I've hit 'Remind me' for now while I consider. The fact that they are not doing stretch goals is a very promising sign though! 



--OneBoot :D 

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